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Klean Kanteen lifestyle

#BringYourOwn Klean Kanteen & Save the World One Sip at a Time

#BringYourOwn is the brainchild of Klean Kanteen, a company wholeheartedly devoted to reducing environmental waste, and preserving our planet. Best known for their durable, stainless steel canteens, Klean Kanteen is now shedding light on the huge amount...
spring cleaning

LED Bulbs Giveaway! Spring Cleaning With Energy Efficiency In Mind

It’s the time of year again when everything starts getting warmer and everything that’s been building up indoors over the winter needs to be dusted off, stored away, and in some cases, recycled (or upcycled!). This...
Zabala Kitchen Handy

IMUSA Pressure Cooker & Zabada Kitchen Handy Review

If you’re trying to eat a healthier and more natural diet that includes things like beans, rice and soups, cooking time is challenge you’re ultimately going to face. And if you’re cooking dried beans...
WakaWaka Power - iPhone Smartphone Charger

Giveaway: WakaWaka Power solar smartphone charger

You may remember WakaWaka Power's solar smartphone charger from our recent review, but if not, here's the skinny: The WakaWaka Power solar smartphone charger is an ideal companion for those who find themselves away from traditional power...
Promised Land poster with Matt Damon

‘Promised Land’ Giveaway: Win a Blu-Ray and Soundtrack from Focus Features

To celebrate the release of Matt Damon’s new film Promised Land that deals with fracking in a small town, we have partnered with Focus Features for a giveaway. Simply enter your information below and...
bullfrog power giveaway

Enter to Win! Bullfrog Power Prize Pack Worth $150

Update: This contest is now closed. Bullfrog Power has set us up with an awesome prize pack to give to one of our readers. The Prize Pack ($150 value) contains the following green and energy...
Power Pledge

OPA & WWF Power Pledge Giveaway

Update: this contest is now closed Did you know that up to 15% of your home's energy bill could be coming from appliances that aren't in use? It's called "phantom power" and it's a bigger...