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Germany to Convert Unused Telcom Boxes for Electric Car Charging Stations

Distribution boxes previously used for telecom purposes are being converted to electric car charging points in Germany, with 12,000 additional charging stations coming online in the next 2 years thanks to the program.
Germany public transportation

Germany to Trial Free Public Transportation to Tackle Air Pollution

Public transportation is to be offered free of charge in some parts of Germany, to encourage people to leave their cars at home. The new initiative is a government-led effort to meet air pollution targets.
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Germany’s Plan for 100% Electric Cars May Actually Increase Carbon Emissions

Germany has ambitious plans for both electric cars and renewable energy. But it can’t deliver both. As things stand, Germany’s well-meaning but contradictory ambitions would actually boost emissions by an amount comparable with the...
german electric car charging

Automakers to Contribute to Electric Car Incentives in Germany

Germany has one of the world’s largest automotive industries, but, until recently, they’ve been lacking in environmentally friendly vehicles, with most of the industry being centered around traditionally powered vehicles.But unlike most of the other global automotive manufacturing...

You Won’t Believe Where the US Ranks Among the World’s Most Energy Efficient Economies

The United States ranked only 13th on the list of the world's 16 most energy efficient countries last year.The scorecard, published by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), measured energy efficiency...
Could the world be 100% Solar?

Could the world be 100% solar? – Infographic

Critics of solar energy decry it as an expensive and inefficient substitute for our current fossil fuel based approach. But recent advances in photovoltaic technologies have both increased efficiency and reduced the amount of land required for...
Reykjavik, Iceland

The 10 Greenest Cities in the World

Do you have a hankering to go someplace green? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Check out ten of the greenest cities in the world. All of these cities have implemented some wonderfully...
coal power plant

European Investment Bank says “no more” to dirty coal power

Despite nearly everyone realizing that coal fired power plants are bad for the environment and human health, they continue to be built and used in order to produce the energy that powers countries around...
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Can Germany Really Put One Million Electric Vehicles on the Road by 2020?

When it comes to road-worthy production model electric vehicles (EVs), Germany’s auto brands don’t come to mind first. I mean, the EV market belongs to Nissan, Chevy and now Ford, not Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi...
solar panels

From Solar Panel Manufacturer To Solar Panel User: China Is Getting Greener

In recent years, China has been blasted for its failure to instate solar energy systems at an appropriate rate.  It was easy for watch groups to condemn the nation since, after all, it has...