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Renault EZ-GO

Renault Unveils the EZ-GO: an Electric Driverless Ride-Share Vehicle

The Renault EZ-GO is a driverless car with capacity for six passengers, and can be hailed by an app or at dedicated stations.
Hyundai Ioniq

Green Vehicles Among the Highlights at the Geneva Auto Show

The Geneva Auto Show is usually the place where automakers unveil their new, luxury supercars that target affluent enthusiasts who want to make a statement that they have made it big...
La Ferrari hybrid car

Ferrari Unveils Its First Hybrid Car

At the Geneva car show in May, Ferrari unveiled its first hybrid supercar. A handful of select buyers, 499 of them to be exact, will be the proud owners...
SEAT Mii Ecofuel

SEAT Mii Ecofuel Car Heading for European Markets

Volkswagen has separated from competing automakers by focusing their green vehicle research on compressed natural gas (CNG). The automaker currently offers the popular Golf model with CNG power as...
Toyota iRoad

Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Vehicle Promoted at Geneva

Toyota’s vision of the future is not only trained on hybrid and electric vehicles that replace family cars. The automaker is also concerned about urban mobility especially as commuters...

Mitsubishi Promotes Hybrid, Electric Vehicle Concepts in Geneva

The 2013 Geneva Motor Show offered a good platform for Mitsubishi’s latest innovations. The Japanese automaker has experienced some success in the past three years with the i-MiEV compact...
Volkswagen eVan

Volkswagen Introduces e-Co-Motion Concept Van in Geneva

The Commercial Vehicles division of Volkswagen recently took a step toward innovating delivery vehicles with the e-Co-Motion concept van. This all-electric vehicle was introduced a few days ago at...
Defender Land Rover

Land Rover Presenting Defender EV at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Land Rover brought seven Defender battery-electric vehicles to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. This all-electric truck emerged from a partnership with Axeon to produce an environmentally friendly vehicle for...
Volkswagen XL1

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Heading to the Geneva Motor Show

Executives at Volkswagen began the search for the one-liter car back in 2002. The automaker started research into a production car that could operate for about 60 miles or...
McLaren P1 Concept plug-in hybrid

McLaren Premiering P1 Plug-in Hybrid at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

McLaren Automotive introduced a concept plug-in hybrid called the P1 during last year’s Paris Motor Show. This sleek sports concept car borrowed heavily from the automaker’s experiences in Formula...


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