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GM Chevrolet Volt

GM’s EV Goal: 500,000 / year

General Motors Co has ambitious plans to build up to 500,000 vehicles a year, by 2017, that include some form of electric power in the engine. According to global product development...
GM Landfill Free Steps

GM releases process outline for zero-waste manufacturing

General Motors is offering a kind of dopesheet that summarizes how the company makes its plants and facilities landfill-free. A landfill-free environment means that the company’s production waste is...
A Cadillac

GM to Build Plug-In Cadillac in 2013

What’s not to like about electric cars?  No gas, more trees—sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  Plus, while it’s understandable that there are a few people out...
Pecan Street Chevy Volts

Pecan Street Demonstration Attracts GM, OnStar Partnerships

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and Pecan Street Inc. recently received a significant boost for a smart-grid demonstration in Austin’s Mueller neighborhood. General Motors and OnStar...
Chevy Sonic

Landfill-Gas to power GM vehicle assembly plant

Following up on their own announcement that the Chevrolet Volt assembly plant in Detroit would be solar powered, GM has just released details outlining a landfill-gas powered plant that...
2011 Chevrolet Volt Production Show Car

GM Plug-In Hybrid By 2011

General Motors is moving ahead with plans to build a plug in hybrid and have it to market as early as 2011. Bob Lutz, GM’s vice chairman made the announcement...


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Conserve Water Around The Home

7 Simple Ways to Conserve Water Around The Home

Learn how to conserve water and reduce your environmental impact with these 7 simple tips for your home. Discover practical strategies to save water and reduce your utility bills, without sacrificing your daily routine or comfort. From fixing leaks to upgrading appliances, this article offers easy solutions to help you become a more conscious consumer.
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Looking to live off the grid? Check out our article for 16 brilliant hacks to make your off-grid lifestyle easier and more sustainable. From alternative energy sources to water conservation methods, we've got you covered. Start living your off-grid dream today!

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