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Get ready to get your hands dirty with these tips on maintaining a natural, eco-friendly garden.

Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainable Landscape Design: Making your Garden Green

Is your garden “green”? According to TheFragrantGarden.com, a sustainable (or green) garden is one that conserves resources. Gardening and landscaping often carelessly use up precious resources, such as water. If the landscape is not...

DIY Strawberry Barrels for Your Greenhouse

I enjoy strawberries and it was a struggle for me not to get any (or small portions) in winter. That’s why I did some research on how you can plant strawberries in winter and...

Tips for a Green and Healthy Lawn – All Year Round

It may seem simple, cut it and water it and your lawn will grow green and healthy. But what do you do when a brown patch appears, or your grass is slowly being replaced with moss?
Vertical Wall Garden

DIY Gardening: How to create a Vertical Wall Garden

For those who are looking to create beautiful gardens with limited space, a vertical garden could be just what you need.A popular feature among urban gardeners, a vertical wall garden gives you the ability...
Leonardslee Gardens, West Sussex, UK

Outdoor Living with Small Gardens– Expand Your Living Space in the Summer

For a large number of people, nicer weather means that their home is suddenly a lot bigger. Why? They spend a lot more time outdoors and their garden is an extension of their living...
Marigolds and Companion Planting

The Basics of Companion Planting in Your Garden

What is companion planting? Companion planting is one of the greatest steps you can take towards having an organic garden. Thinking about a wildflower field may be the best way to consider what companion planting...
Vegetable Garden

”Localistos” Step Lightly on Mother Earth

You substantially reduce your carbon footprint and you do contribute significantly to conservation and preservation when you support your local farmers and crafters. Moreover, when you practice all the basic principles of household ecology,...

Growing Your Own Grapes: What Does It Take?

There are many reasons why you may want to grow your own grapes. For example, you may want to save a little money on your groceries, or you might only want to consume organic...
Vegetable Garden

Green Your Life: Start an Eco-Friendly Lasagna Garden

Gardens are good ways to grow your own vegetables, cut down on your grocery bill, and an excellent way to deal with kitchen waste through composting. Gardening has become a popular environment friendly activity like installing solar...
Rooftop Garden

Pest Control For The Rooftop Gardener

In the city, it can be very hard to get the same relaxing experience that gardening provides to our friends out in the country or even the suburbs. One way to alleviate the crowded...