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Get ready to get your hands dirty with these tips on maintaining a natural, eco-friendly garden.

FARMEDHERE LLC SWEET BASIL vertical indoor garden

Manufacturer of commercial, vertical indoor farm granted loan by Whole Foods

You’d think Whole Foods had turned into a bank of some sorts, following its announcement that it is lending capital to an organic farm.FarmedHere is expanding operations within its 90,000 square foot facility in...
Living wall fence garden

How to Create an Attractive ‘Living Wall’ Garden Fence

A fence is an integral part of every garden, offering privacy from neighbours or passersby, and enhancing the feeling of your garden being an extra room to your house.There are many fence styles to...
child in garden

10 Tips to Get Kids Enjoying Gardening

Getting your little ones out into the garden over the summer isn’t a difficult task – with paddling pools up, outdoor toys out and barbeques planned, it can often be harder to get them...
Vancouver parked with vertical gardens

Vertical Gardens: Sprouting Up Everywhere

Here in Vancouver, on a rooftop between pizza slice joints in the downtown core, an EasyPark parking garage prepares to balance its ecological mandate by converting its roof to a 5,700 square foot vertical...
Watering Garden

5 Easy Ways to Garden Using Less Water

A big problem for every gardening enthusiast is figuring out how to grow your garden in a way that is kind to the planet as well as to your wallet. Watering an entire garden...
Fruiting neem tree

How to Make Your Own Neem Oil Pesticide

Neem oil as a pesticide has steadily increased in usage and popularity over the past few years.Why?Neem oil is 100% natural and non-toxic to humans and pets, is inexpensive, and offers a long-term solution...
plant in Africa

Gardening in Africa – Your ‘How To’ Guide

When you think of Africa, gardening probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Yet whilst food might be scarcer than it is here in many areas of Africa than it is in...
Deer Eating Garden

How to Keep Deer from Eating Your Garden

Deer are beautiful and gentle creatures and it can be a delight to see them in the wild. However, if you are trying to grow your own fruit and vegetables in a garden and...

Going Native: Green Landscaping with Native Plants

People who are concerned about sustainability, personal health, water quality, natural habitats and creating an attractive, easy to care for an option for their lawns and gardens often turn to landscaping with native plants, which is sometimes called “naturescaping.”
Summer Living

Summer Living: GROW it, BUY it, DIY it!

Hello, summer! Now that the hazy days of summer have rolled around, the living is easy. The feel good season is finally here, and what better way to kick it off than by stepping...