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Get ready to get your hands dirty with these tips on maintaining a natural, eco-friendly garden.

swimming pool

Turn Your Swimming Pool Into a Greenhouse and Grow Your Own Food

With the Growing Pool aquaponic greenhouse, now folks in the suburbs can turn their pool into a productive oasis. In the hot summer months, it might be a shame to use a swimming pool for...
watering cans

Water Saving Tips for Environmentally-Responsible Gardening

Whether you live in an area with abundant fresh water or drought conditions, every drop of fresh water is precious, and should never be squandered. By following these water conservation tips, you can water...
DIY urban gardening

DIY Gardening Ideas with Recycled Items – Infographic

Urban gardening with recycled items is becoming an increasingly popular trend. We've already covered in detail how to make a vertical wall garden, but this infographic goes into greater details about the options you...
50 facts about your garden

50 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Garden – Infographic

It's now getting to peak gardening season for the year, but many people are still struggling to figure out what to plant where, and how to make certain things grow. This infographic may shed some light...
Woman knelt in vegetable garden

Heal the Earth with Diatomaceous “Dirt”

Say goodbye to harmful pesticides forever. Instead, eat fresh, healthy, chemical-free fruits and vegetables from your own garden and let you kids run barefoot through your soft, green non toxic grass. This is all possible, day...
heirloom carrots

Save your seeds: Why Heirloom plant varieties matter

Ever wonder what the big deal about heirloom vegetables is? Apart from looking beautiful and tasting delicious, speckled lettuce, purple potatoes, golden carrots and orange beets are actually protecting us from an ecological catastrophe,...

Key points for planting tulip flower bulbs in your garden

Tulips are one of the most beautiful types of spring bulbs that bloom in variety of colors and shapes. Moreover, among all the spring flowering bulbs tulips are the most colorful and versatile plants....
hydroponics gardening

Hydroponics Worldwide – An Excellent Future for Farming At Home

These days, the future for hydroponic cultured systems appears completely positive. It is becoming increasingly more popular because it is highly productive, land protective of the environment, and conservative of water. According to a...
garden oasis

How to Turn Your Garden Into an Oasis

Your yard is an extension of your indoor living space.  Regardless of the size, you can turn your garden into a beautiful retreat where you can enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests, or spend quality...
frosty flowers

Winter Weather & Your Plants

Winter Weather & the Damage it Can Do to Plants As the temperature starts to drop from double figures into single digits, we all know it isn’t too long before winter really takes a hold...