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Japan To Stop Fukushima Leak With “Ice Wall”

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) recently admitted that 300 tons (nearly 72,000 gallons) of contaminated water are leaking from Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant into the Pacific Ocean. About...
Japan election 2012

Japanese election result stuns anti-nuclear movement

This past weekend, the Japanese headed to the polls to take part in the first election since the catastrophic nuclear disaster. But the election results have anti-nuclear critics across the...
TEPCO nuclear japan

TEPCO admits bad habits, lack of safety checks triggered nuclear disaster

It is a bold admission from a company that tried desperately to skirt around accusations that it was responsible for one of the worst nuclear accidents in 25 years....
Fukushima nuclear power plant

Fukushima could still be leaking radiation into the sea

It's an announcement that anxious Japanese residents don't want to hear, following one of the world's worst nuclear disasters in history. The operator of Japan's disgraced Fukushima nuclear power...
Fukushima nuclear disaster

Nuclear disaster was avoidable, according to Fukushima operator

Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) has said that it could have dealt better with the meltdown at Japan's infamous Fukushima nuclear plant. The statement is a stunning reversal from...
Tokyo, Japan

Japan to tax oil, natural gas, and coal $1 billion/year

A government-backed think tank in Japan is highlighting the impact of a new carbon tax on the nation’s utilities companies. According to the report, Japan’s new tax on carbon emissions...
Earthquake and Tsunami damage, Japan

Japan to restart nuclear reactors if watchdog group approves

A showdown is expected between the Japanese government and the country's opponents of nuclear power. Reuters reports that Japan's Economics Minister has announced that nuclear reactors can be restarted if...
Mount Fuji Volcano

Japan unprepared for volcano eruption at Mount Fuji

It has been 18 months since a powerful earthquake rocked Japan, triggering a deadly tsunami along the nation’s coast. Since then, the country has dealt with the emotional task...
Japan Radiation

Can we trust nuclear energy after Fukushima?

The world's nuclear industry is still reeling from Japan's Fukushima accident 18 months ago. With a tarnished reputation and world politicians promising voters they'll pull out of nuclear energy...
Fukushima nuclear butterfly

Report: Fukushima disaster has caused mutant butterflies

It has been 18 months since the 9.0-magnitude quake that devastated life on the Japanese coast. The deadly disaster was also responsible for the nuclear outbreak at Japan's Fukushima...


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