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France and India make solar agreement

France and India Reaffirm Their Commitment to Solar Power

France is committing 700 million Euros to the India-based International Solar Alliance as part of a bi-partisan clean energy strategy.
Eiffel tower going green

The Eiffel Tower Will Power Itself With Two New Silent Wind Turbines

The Eiffel Tower, forever a symbol of French ingenuity and heritage, has added two new wind turbines to its modernist frame. The 17-foot turbines are a part of a massive...
an electric car charging in France

France Makes Plans for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Every 25 Miles

Boille, the company behind the Autolib electric car sharing service, which is being supported by the government, now have plans for a four-year program running across France. The investment is estimated at...

Tree-Inspired Building Embraces Outdoor Living

If modern condominiums have become an eyesore for you, this new tree-inspired building by architects Sou Fujimoto Architects, Nicolas Laisné Associés and Manal Rachdi Oxo should be a breath of fresh air. Dubbed “White...

France’s Beauval Zoo To Recycle Panda Poo Into Gas And Electricity

Saint-Aignan's Beauval zoo has plans to recycle panda poop (and other animal feces), and turn it into gas and electricity, according to Agence France-Presse. The AFP states: The zoo announced on Friday it would...
solar panels

How France plans to save its struggling solar industry

France has vowed to offer more financial support to small solar power farms (more than 2 billion euros in investments) to save the dying solar industry. In the past...
Autolib electric car sharing in Paris

Autolib’: Car Sharing In Paris

The city of Paris launched an electric car sharing program called Autolib' exactly one year ago. On its one year anniversary, the program has been confirmed as a success, as the...
Genetically modified crops

France announces ban on genetically modified crops to continue

Critics are calling it a harsh blow to farmers and seed companies across Europe. France has recently announced that it will maintain a temporary ban on the cultivation of...

France’s Tourism To Suffer From Climate Change

Melting snow, water shortages, disappearing beaches - these are all factors that are going to affect the tourism industry, but you'd never expect them to threaten France of all...



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baking soda

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vertical farm growing plants

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