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Ford Testing Self-Driving Vans with Food Delivery in Miami

For the past few months, Miami has been a testing ground for Ford’s autonomous vehicles. The test isn’t over yet; Ford is now running a food delivery test using their self-driving vans in the same state.
2017 Ford Focus Electric Charging

Ford to Splash $11 billion on Electric and Hybrid Cars

Ford has set out an ambitious plan to plough an extra $7 billion into its investment schedule for electric and hybrid cars.But the total $11 billion investment over the next four years has one...
chevrolet bolt

Most Anticipated Electric Cars of 2017

The market has not been that welcoming when it comes to battery-based electric cars with only three models having sold more than 10,000 units worldwide since 2010: the Tesla Model S, BMW i3, and...
Ford E-Bikes

New Ford E-Bikes Alert Riders of Encroaching Cars Through Vibrating Handlebars

Of all people and in all places, Ford unveiled two new e-bikes this week at the Mobile World Conference in Barcalona.According to gizmag.com, the two prototypes, known as the MoDe:Me and the MoDe:Pro, will come...
BMW vehicle charging on streetlight

Ford and BMW Investing in New Ways to Charge Electric Cars

It seems that rather than looking into groundbreaking, revolutionary new innovations to supply necessary charge to our electric and hybrid cars, a simple and sustainable solution has been hanging above our heads for quite some...
Ford Reflex Electric Car

The Ford Model… S? Is Detroit Ready to Take on Tesla?

Ford has stated their ability, but not their intentions, to build a full-size all electric vehicle, an on par equivalent of Tesla’s Model S with the high-tech, high performance and long range capabilities included.
Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Wants A New Hybrid

Auto brand wars are always interesting to watch, particularly when both marques are substantive and venerable. This is chiefly true in the case of Ford Motor Company, versus one of today’s most important Japanese...
Tesla Model S and Supercharger

Tesla Makes Noise; Nissan, Ford, Toyota Make Marketshare

It’s funny how things work some times. Usually an auto product drives successful marketshare on the basis of resonant marketing messages, good customer reviews and quality service. But, when it comes to the U.S....

2014/15 Ford Energi: Long Legs And All The Perks

According to Ford Motor Company, the brand delivered 21,098 hybrids to the market during FY 2013. This was the first time that Ford had delivered more than 20,000 hybrid units in a single year,...

What’s The Difference Between A Ford Pinto And A Tesla Model S? According To...

In my view, the bureaucrats at NHTSA remind me of grounded ducks who create just enough quacking to irritate the people they’re supposed to serve. In the real-world, then, this view can also...