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9 Food Waste Solutions That Are Basically Habits To Save The Earth

The bad news is that we have created a real problem, the good news is it’s totally solvable and preventable with minimal efforts from the end consumers. Before looking into the solutions to reduce food waste, I believe it’s better to first look at the facts.

Zero Food Waste by 2025 as Walmart Canada Delivers $15M Commitment

Walmart Canada has announced a commitment to achieve zero food waste by 2025, while Walmart Foundation is providing $15m in grants to support Canadian initiatives and research to reduce food waste along the food chain from farm to fork.

World Food Waste: An Infographic Guide to Global Food Waste

Infographic research conducted by UK kitchen retailer, Magnet, sharing crucial details upon the state of world food wastage by major food consumption countries from around the world.
spring cleaning

“Spring Cleaning” for Your Bad Environmental Habits

Besides brushing up mothballs and sweeping away spiderwebs, we can also look at the Top 5 ways we pollute the Earth, and choose to “clean up” our actions by reforming a heavy environmental impact.
compost in hands

Innovative Food Waste to Soil Scheme Launches in Toronto

An innovative recycling scheme that converts food waste to compost in 11 days is being launched by a private property management service in Toronto, Canada.A joint venture between Bentall Kennedy's property management team and...
The cost of wasted food

The Cost of Wasted Food [Infographic]

When you throw your leftovers or spoiled food in the trash, you probably think to yourself that you could have saved some money if you hadn’t bought that extra food.If you multiply those leftovers...
kitchen food

How to Stock Your Kitchen with Eco-Friendly Foods

Food scarcity and the toll it takes on the environment is no longer simply a challenge for developing countries; today, the world is confronted with a pressing problem of producing more food for our...
food waste infographic

Tackling Food Waste Starts in Your Kitchen [Infographic]

At one point or another, all of us have had to throw food away – and it's never a good feeling.Not just because it ends up being a waste of money, but because it's a...
Food Waste Landfill

You probably didn’t know how bad food waste is for the environment

Almost one-third of all food produced in the U.S. in 2010 was ultimately thrown out. That kind of waste represents a serious problem for both the environment and your family's pocketbooks.Food waste, in fact, is the leading...

This Innovative Food Packaging Will Keep You From Throwing Perfectly Good Food in the...

I was raised with a father who would regularly feed us food that was technically passed its best-before date and I remember thinking it was really gross. I mean, the label says this is...