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How microplastics make their way up the ocean food chain into fish

Up to 236,000 tonnes of microplastics – tiny pieces of broken-down plastic smaller than your little fingernail – enter our oceans each year. This has researchers around the world worried, as wildlife can be...
buying shrimp at a seafood market

America’s Favorite Seafood Can Leave Diners in the Dark

This guest post is written by Beth Lowell, Oceana’s Campaign Director for Seafood FraudShrimp jambalaya. Shrimp tacos. Coconut shrimp. On and on this list of delicious shrimp dishes can go, but according to Oceana’s...

Incredible Photos of a School of Fish looks like a Tornado

These photos will make you think about just how a school of fish works, and whether what appears to be a fish tornado has a collective consciousness of its own.Photos by Octavio Aburto 
body toxins

How Your Socioeconomic Status May Affect The Toxins In Your Body

In 2013, researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School plowed through a decade's worth of health and nutrition data on Americans to find out how socioeconomic status affects exposure to chemical contaminants in...
sustainable fishing

Take pressure off the oceans by eating sustainable seafood

Fishing can be everything from a fun personal pastime, on a boat for the day with your sea fishing tackle, to a huge commercial industry that sourced over 90 million tons of seafood consumed...

The Health and Sustainability Issues of Eating Fish

Fish, shellfish and other marine animals have been an important part of the human diet throughout human history, providing vital nutrients and shaping much of our approach to food. The ocean’s incredible diversity has...
English channel

Plastic Fragments Found in English Channel

In a shocking study of 10 species found in the English Channel, one-third of the fish caught contain small plastic fragments within their gut. More specifically, of the 504 fish examined by Plymouth University...
Mercury in fish

Global mercury concentrations increasing, and more harmful than we thought

Two international reports released on Tuesday have stated that the health benchmarks currently in place for mercury levels in fish are outdated and should be strengthened.The first report, conducted at the non-profit ecological research...
School of fish

Fish to shrink up to 24% by 2050 thanks to climate change

On average, fish are likely to get smaller by 2050 because of global warming. That’s according to a new study published this past weekend.The research was led by author William Cheung of the University...

$10.85M invested in building the global sustainable seafood market

The livelihoods of fishermen are top of the agenda at the SeaWeb International Seafood Summit, taking place in Hong Kong. Representatives from the seafood industry and conservation community have descended on the Asian country,...