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Malaysia seizes 1,500 elephant tusks

There are reports that Malaysian officials have seized a massive haul of elephant tusks. The Guardian states that 1,500 tusks worth more than 19M USD were discovered in two...

Elephants in South Sudan: Extinct in under 5 years?

A wildlife protection group has announced that the elephant population in South Sudan could be eliminated in the next five years if poaching is not controlled. South Sudan, which became...

Elephant poaching on the rise in East Africa

There are reports that Tanzanian police have seized more than 200 elephant tusks hidden in a coffin and in fertilizer bags. Officials say the seizure points to rising instances...

LA City considers ban on wild animals in circus

After taking on the massive pet overpopulation issue with a ban on the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores, the Los Angeles City Council is now considering...
Ivory statue

Religious market a driving force for ivory, killing elephants

The rate of elephant killings across Africa is at its highest in a decade. That's according to the October issue of National Geographic magazine. The magazine reports that it's impossible...
Elephant Ivory

Epic battle for ivory fuels elephant, rhino massacre

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has launched a global campaign in response to what a NY Times article is calling an “epic elephant slaughter,” as the underground ivory and rhino...
Sunder the elephant

Tortured elephant released, thanks to Paul McCartney

The life of Sunder the elephant gained worldwide attention earlier this month, after his tragic existence in India was revealed to the public. The 13-year-old elephant had been kept...
Paul McCartney

Celebrities join international plea for release of kidnapped, shackled and abused baby elephant in...

Sunder the baby elephant has spent much of his miserable life chained with metal spikes in a dark shed unable to take a step in any direction to escape...
save vanishing species postage stamp

Save Vanishing Species semipostal stamp announced by US Postal Service

The next letter you send could help save an endangered species from extinction. This week, the United States Postal Service announced a new semipostal stamp called Save Vanishing Species, the...


espresso coffee grounds

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cabin overlooking mountains

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