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How Old Will You Be When These Animals Go Extinct?

It’s estimated that between hundreds to thousands of species go extinct every year, according to stats from the WWF. In fact, some projections put the number of annual extinctions at 100,000...
Elephant at the Seattle Zoo

Seattle Zoo Elephants Need Sanctuary: You Can Help

After the tragic death of one of Woodland Park Zoo’s three elephants in August, the zoo has announced it will close its elephant exhibit. This comes in the wake of...
Sunder the elephant

At Last! A Happy Ending for Sunder the Elephant!

After two years of campaigning, we can finally report a confirmed happy ending for Sunder, the young elephant tortured and held in chains at an Indian temple. Photographic evidence...
Sunder the Elephant

Update: Sunder the Elephant Finally Free?

As we reported last week, a recent PETA India investigation revealed that Sunder, an abused Indian temple elephant Paul McCartney hoped to free in 2012, was never really freed...
Sunder India Elephant Abuse

Sunder the Elephant Still in Chains

Remember Sunder, the abused Indian elephant who Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson rallied to save back in 2012? Sunder's story seemed to be a success – after much media...

Elephants Can Detect Threatening Humans by Voice

New research shows that wild African elephants can tell humans apart by their languages and can detect a human's age and gender based on voice. Elephants developed this ability...
elephant hunting show

Reality TV Thinks Shooting an Elephant in the Face Makes for Good TV –...

Only in America would a television executive think a reality-based show on hunting endangered species would make for great TV. They started their show off with a bang – literally...
African Elephant, Loxodonta africana - up close and personal in Mapungubwe

Ivory Trade Endangering African Elephants

At the meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), conservation organizations warned illegal ivory trade is responsible for the decline of the endangered African elephant population. "Globally,...
Kenyan elephants

Kenyan Elephants Dying At Rising Rate

A 14-year study has shown a bleak future for Kenyan elephants—the study of nearly 1,000 elephants in Kenya found the death rate amongst big-tusked males to have accelerated in...

Nepal soldiers hunt for elephant “gone mad”

In Nepal, a wild elephant responsible for killing four people in three months is on the loose, triggering a desperate hunt by soldiers there. Reuters reports that the elephant strayed...


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