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Two white electric cars charging at a charging station

California Targets 2030 for Electric Car Revolution

Up to 5 million electric cars could be on the roads of California by 2030 as part of a 'clean air' campaign engineered by governor Jerry Brown.
electric car charging point

Countries with the Most Electric Car Charging Points [Infographic]

To say 2017 was a huge success for electric vehicles (EV) is an understatement. As 2016 came to a close, the number of EVs in the world hit a new world record, with over 2...
BMW i3 charging port

BMW and Nissan Partner Up to Expand EV Fast-Charging Station Network

To a large extent, the adoption of electric vehicles depends on the availability of convenient and fast charging solutions. DC fast charging is currently the best option for reducing charging times for electric cars,...
BMW Street Light Charging

BMW Integrates EV Charging Stations into Street Lights

BMW has invested a lot of money in electric vehicles over the recent years, developing and manufacturing some of the most advanced electric cars on the market today, the i3 – which is the...

Free, Solar-Powered EV Charging Stations Now Available Across San Francisco

Installing as many publicly available charging stations as possible is one of the most important prerequisites for accelerating electric vehicle adoption in any city. San Francisco has been at the forefront of EV adoption,...
Toyota Prius charging on street

New Study Finds That Public Charging Stations Are Not Essential For Faster EV Adoption

For a long time now, the lack of publicly available charging stations has been pointed out as the biggest obstacle for electric vehicles, so supporters of the EV movement have been asking for increased...
an electric car charging in France

France Makes Plans for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Every 25 Miles

Boille, the company behind the Autolib electric car sharing service, which is being supported by the government, now have plans for a four-year program running across France. The investment is estimated at 150 million euros ($185 million...
BMW vehicle charging on streetlight

Ford and BMW Investing in New Ways to Charge Electric Cars

It seems that rather than looking into groundbreaking, revolutionary new innovations to supply necessary charge to our electric and hybrid cars, a simple and sustainable solution has been hanging above our heads for quite some...
bmw i3 charging

BMW to Launch Suitcase-Sized Electric Car Charger

BMW is getting ready to introduce a competitively priced, portable electric car charging unit that is reportedly the size of a suitcase. From The Auto Future: In the never-ending quest to expand charging mechanisms that help...
Tesla Supercharger

Is the electric car charging infrastructure growing fast enough?

There’s the ideal, and then there’s reality. However, based on recent press and business announcements, along with a range of commercial efforts, it would seem that something like a reasonable electric vehicle charging infrastructure...