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Pedal Power Pumps the e-bike Boom

A desire to tackle the cycle of traffic jams and pollution risks has spurred a surge in the public's rush for e-bikes.
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The importance of recycling electronics in a tech-obsessed culture

With the holiday season approaching quickly, many people across the world will soon be finding themselves gifted with new gadgets, leaving them to wonder what to do with their outdated technology. If it's a...
Recycling Electronics

Dell Reconnect: Donate used electronics to help the environment and create jobs

What are you doing with your used electronics? If you’re like most, you probably have a few old laptops, printers, tablets, or desktops sitting around the house collecting dust. Why not put them to...

The Exploitation of Developing Countries in E-Waste Recycling

With the haze of a recycling phenomenon spreading through the western world; do we really know what happens to our washed out bottles and jars? How exactly are our old clothes used? What happens...
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Why You Should Recycle Your Old Electronics (And How to Do It)

If you’re like most people, you have several old electronic gadgets lying around the house that you don’t use anymore. They’re probably there because you know you’re not supposed to put them in the...

Survey: Many Canadians not recycling electronics properly

We can be certain that a cache of old electronics will suddenly crop up by the end of this holiday season as millions of Canadians receive new electronic toys for Christmas.But according to a...
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The U.S. Postal Service makes it simple to recycle old electronics for cash

Getting rid of old electronic devices has become a business in itself. There are countless companies popping up across North America, offering kiosks and mail-in services to help you trade in that old cellphone...
iPhone 5

Massive demand for iPhone 5 stresses the importance of e-cycling

The smartphone market was once dominated by California’s Apple. But there’s now fierce competition from other players like Samsung and Nokia. And for tech junkies out there, staying fresh with the latest technology means...

Time to Clean Out the Junk Drawer: Recycling Old Cell Phones

This article is contributed by Christopher Krywulak, the CEO and founder of iQmetrix.In this era of “latest and greatest” it’s a snap to get a new mobile phone. With app and contact migration easier...
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Outsourcing E-Cycling: Businesses Getting Busted Shipping E-Waste Overseas

What's E-Cycling? Let's face a sad truth: very few people dispose of their electronics in ways that are environmentally-friendly. Batteries, old iPods, broken laptops, and basically any kind of technology that isn't being used anymore...