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Pedal Power Pumps the e-bike Boom

A desire to tackle the cycle of traffic jams and pollution risks has spurred a surge in the public's rush for e-bikes.
Zeitgeist ebike

Zeitgeist Introduces New Line of eBikes

Cyclists and fans of electric vehicles get ready because the 2018 Zeitgeist Limited Edition racing electric bike is finally here.Created by a team obsessed with racing and EV innovation, this eBike has a sleek...
Ford E-Bikes

New Ford E-Bikes Alert Riders of Encroaching Cars Through Vibrating Handlebars

Of all people and in all places, Ford unveiled two new e-bikes this week at the Mobile World Conference in Barcalona.According to gizmag.com, the two prototypes, known as the MoDe:Me and the MoDe:Pro, will come...
electric superbike

The World’s First F1-Inspired Electric Superbike to Hit U.S Markets in 2014

It's been called peculiar, outrageous, and even bison-esque. Everyone may have a different opinion on the aesthetics of the 'Storm Trooper bike,' but there's no denying the emergent Saietta electric motorcycle's look is anything...

Ditch the Car for the Electric Bike

New and exciting modes of transport are being developed that use a very old invention, the bicycle. Electric bikes as a mode of transport within urban environments is now a booming industry.This article will take a look...
Audi Worthersee

Audi Wörthersee e-Bike Concept Showcased in Austria

The annual Wörthersee Tour in southern Austria attracts observers interested in the latest from Audi, VW and other regional manufacturers. Audi used the 2012 Wörthersee Tour to highlight a prototype electric bike aimed toward...
shadow e-bike wireless bicycle

Daymak Announces Shadow ebike, world’s first wireless power-assisted bicycle

Electric power-assisted bicycles have been catching on as a great green form of alternative transportation, but many of the models have wires running around the bike that are the leading cause for the bikes'...
electric power bicycle

Go Green with Electric Power Bicycles

Find out why electric bikes are a green, Eco-friendly solution to our environment, health and transport problems.It helps to live a greener, simpler lifeIt helps people live a greener, simpler life. Electric bikes release...
Ford E-Bike

Green Light Offers E-Bikes

There are many ways and methods to consider if you love going green in your lifestyle, so where does one start?First stop for many is likely considering a greener mode of transportation, and that...