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green data center

The Benefits of Using a Green Data Center

Smartphones have made high-definition video and photography available to almost anyone, resulting in an endless growth in new data that must be stored and recorded for future access. This...
IBM Modular Data Center

The Environmental Perks of Using Modular Data Centers

In recent years, modular data centers have become a more flexible, energy efficient, and environmentally-friendly alternative to their traditional brick and mortar counterparts.  Let’s learn something about them. Characteristics Modular data...
Green Datacenter

Greenifying Your Data Center

It takes a lot of energy to make your data center operate at optimal performance. That surge of electricity not only causes high bills but also leads to increased...

Going Green with Cloud Computing

Looking for ways to help the planet? While cloud computing may not seem all that eco-friendly at first glance, a closer look reveals a number of green benefits. Here...
Apple iCloud data center

Apple’s data centers now powered entirely by renewable energy

Apple's data centers are now powered 100 percent by renewable energy and 75 percent of their facilities are solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal sources. But unfortunately, the  Apple and...
Apple iCloud Datacenter

Apple planning solar & biogas facilities to power iCloud

Now that Apple's massive North Carolina datacenter is online, and it's powering the business' iCloud service, many are curious about what is going to be done with the adjacent...
Energy Conservation in Data Center

Energy Conservation in Small and Large-Scale Data Centers

Data centers are huge consumers of energy. Think about the amount of information processing that is required to deliver millions of search queries in Google at the same time,...
the cloud

Why the Cloud needs to be green

In a few days, Apple is set to announce its new iCloud service, which is likely to explain the 500,000 square foot data center it has been building in...
Facebook data center

Facebook Goes Green (Kind of) with Energy Efficient Data Center

Facebook, the world's largest social network, needs a lot of servers running in a data center to keep everyone's information accessible at all times. Now, this information storage will...


espresso coffee grounds

Does Coffee Kill Plants? The Truth About Using Coffee as a Soil Amendment and...

Find out whether coffee is harmful to plants and learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using coffee grounds as a soil amendment or fertilizer. Discover other natural fertilizers to help your plants thrive.
Conserve Water Around The Home

7 Simple Ways to Conserve Water Around The Home

Learn how to conserve water and reduce your environmental impact with these 7 simple tips for your home. Discover practical strategies to save water and reduce your utility bills, without sacrificing your daily routine or comfort. From fixing leaks to upgrading appliances, this article offers easy solutions to help you become a more conscious consumer.
cabin overlooking mountains

Living Off the Grid: 16 Brilliant Hacks You Should Know Now!

Looking to live off the grid? Check out our article for 16 brilliant hacks to make your off-grid lifestyle easier and more sustainable. From alternative energy sources to water conservation methods, we've got you covered. Start living your off-grid dream today!

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growing plants in a greenhouse

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UP Catalyst sustainable carbon

CO2-Derived Electrode Material Leads to Superior Performance in Sodium-ion Batteries

UP Catalyst's sustainable carbon nanotubes derived from CO2 have shown exceptional results in sodium-ion batteries. Learn how this breakthrough technology is revolutionizing the energy storage industry and promoting sustainability.

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