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Cotton’s Dirty Little Secret

Cotton is everywhere.  We use cotton fibers to make clothing, bed sheets, curtains, car seats, pillows, and much, much more.  It is one of the United States’ largest exports, as it ships between 40%...

Crafty Cotton – not half as innocent as it looks

Cotton is crucially important to the global textile industry and to the economic and social improvement  of developing countries.  Although there may not be any difference in quality between Fair Trade and ‘normal’ cotton, there is...

Is the FTC “Bamboo-zling” Consumers?

When bamboo bed sheets emerged on the market in 2010, they elicited a shockingly strong reaction from the United States government.  Companies claimed that these sheets were hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, as they were made...
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Cotton of the Future: The Hunt for an Eco-Friendly Cotton Substitute – Infographic

While cotton may be the fabric of our lives, environmentalists have long been on a mission to lift the veil of 'softness' that is often associated with its production. The folks at Roozt have...
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Turning Tides on Textile Production

For all the bad apple industries contributing to greenhouse gases, no one thinks to look to fashion as a major culprit in wrecking environmental havoc. But in fact textile manufacturing is one of the...
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How Toxic Is Your Tee? The Truth About Cotton And Pesticides

Have you ever read that label “wash before wearing” and thought, “Na! It will be fine”? Think again. Cotton is the most common material around the globe accounting for over 50% of the globes fibre...