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essential journeys

Review: Essential Journeys Soap Slice & Lip Lube

With many of our editors looking to stay active all winter, as we have made friends with Jack Frost, we are always on the look out to for skincare...
survival kit

The Mom’s Green Survival Pack

Each evening before I hit the hay, I find myself checking my purse, (or large bag I should say, this is no evening accessory but a serious sized sack,...
cosmetics chemicals

UK Banning Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics

The U.K.’s largest national health food retailer, Holland & Barrett recently announced they were banning certain beauty products known to contain toxic ingredients from sale in their 525 stores. Commended...

That Old Burlap Feeling – Organic Lipcare

This weekend had me taking my urban family out to the county for a friend's wedding. I should have clued in that this event may be a bit out...
Eco Living at Farmer's Market

The Farmer’s Market Is In My Face Cream

As the first long weekend of the summer gives me the gift of an extra day to catch up on life, similar to daylight savings, I feel that the...


espresso coffee grounds

Does Coffee Kill Plants? The Truth About Using Coffee as a Soil Amendment and...

Find out whether coffee is harmful to plants and learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using coffee grounds as a soil amendment or fertilizer. Discover other natural fertilizers to help your plants thrive.
Conserve Water Around The Home

7 Simple Ways to Conserve Water Around The Home

Learn how to conserve water and reduce your environmental impact with these 7 simple tips for your home. Discover practical strategies to save water and reduce your utility bills, without sacrificing your daily routine or comfort. From fixing leaks to upgrading appliances, this article offers easy solutions to help you become a more conscious consumer.
cabin overlooking mountains

Living Off the Grid: 16 Brilliant Hacks You Should Know Now!

Looking to live off the grid? Check out our article for 16 brilliant hacks to make your off-grid lifestyle easier and more sustainable. From alternative energy sources to water conservation methods, we've got you covered. Start living your off-grid dream today!

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4 Simple Ways to Unclog a Drain Without Harmful Chemicals

There are several inexpensive and non-toxic methods you can use to unclog drains in your home with ingredients you probably already have in your cabinets.
growing plants in a greenhouse

13 Advantages Of Growing Plants Within A Greenhouse

If you’re considering growing plants inside a greenhouse, here are 13 obdurate advantages you’ll definitely like to know and utilize as well.
dragon fruit protein smoothie

The Best Dragon Fruit Protein Smoothie Recipe

Looking for a delicious and healthy way to start your day? Check out our protein-packed dragonfruit smoothie recipe! This drink is not only packed with flavor, but it also provides a number of health benefits.

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