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colorless coca-cola

How a colorless Coke can would help the environment

It’s one of those things you probably take for granted, but the process of recycling aluminum cans is made more difficult with the use of colors, like those found...
Ford hybrid car

Ford partners with Coca-Cola to put recycling-based materials in cars

Most hybrid car owners are at least partially influenced by the positive impact their vehicle has on the environment, but Ford is ready to take eco-friendly to the next...
Coca-Cola Life

A greener Coke: Coca-Cola Life

Neither Coca-Cola or soda in general bring to mind an image of eco-friendliness or healthy living. But now Coca-Cola is introducing a new line of pop to its Coke...
Coca-Cola think green

Large-Scale Sustainability: Big Businesses Are Going Green

You do all you can to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You recycle, shop locally, use compact fluorescent light bulbs and maybe even bike to work on occasion. But...
Junk food

Calculating Crunch: The Science Behind Food Addiction

“The recovering alcoholic who keeps a daily cocktail of caffeine and nicotine coursing through his veins, and keeps white pasta and bagels on regular rotation in his diet. Not...
Coca-Cola Company

The Coca Cola Company: A Capitalists Most Unprofitable Nightmare Come True

We must ask The Coca Cola Company, why it is creating an ‘unprofitable nightmare’ for its shareholders; and why, it is truly no longer, ‘a capitalist’s most profitable dream...
Obese child

Sponsoring Disease: Junk Food Ties to Nutritional Associations

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes “are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all...
coca cola

The Coca Cola Company: A Capitalist’s Most Profitable Dream Come True

The reason why The Coca Cola Company is a capitalist’s most profitable dream come true is based on four essential corporate motives. The first is obviously financial; and, according...
Coca Cola Energy Efficient vending machine

Coca-Cola announces energy efficient vending machines

To commemorate its 50th year since introducing vending machines onto the market, Coca-Cola Japan has introduced the "peak shift vending machines" on November 19. It has been estimated that from January...
Coca Cola PlantBottle

More plant-based plastic bottles coming from Coca-Cola

For decades, Coca-Cola has been focused solely on perfecting that refreshing taste. But over the past several years, there’s been a huge push by the soft drink label to...


hydrogen car dashboard

What Are the Unique Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel for Transportation?

Discover the unparalleled advantages of hydrogen fuel for transportation in our comprehensive article. From eco-friendliness to cost-effectiveness, we explore the unique benefits that make hydrogen fuel a game-changer in the automotive industry.
person giving a dog some food

How to Feed Your Dog in an Environmentally-Friendly Way

Looking for ways to minimize your environmental impact while still providing your furry friend with a healthy and balanced diet? Our comprehensive guide on how to feed your dog in an environmentally-friendly way is just what you need!
red pepper tofu dip

Vegan Red Pepper Tofu and Chickpea Spread Recipe

Red pepper spreads are usually chock full of cream and cheese – making them a delight for the palette but a terror to the waistline. They are also eradicated from the vegan diet due to their animal-based ingredients. This version is incredibly healthy and also protein-filled.

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