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5 Tips for Teaching Green Living Early

Children have a special perspective on green spaces and quirky creatures that adults should admire, and encourage. Here are five tips for instilling a passion for green living in your kids.
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Inspire Your Child on Earth Day with these Green Living Tips

If you're interested in raising an environmentally-conscious child, here are some simple, kid-friendly ways that will help your child get a great start – and just in time for Earth Day!

Going Green at Easter: How To Celebrate Sustainably

Here we share a few sustainable Easter ideas which will help you reuse your decorations year after year, and make even the brightest Easter baskets easily affordable.
Halloween celebration

How to Celebrate Halloween in Eco-Friendly Style!

Halloween is almost here, and for those of you who plan on celebrating the spooky holiday, you’ve probably started putting together a few ideas for costumes, parties and treats.And while we only want you...
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Willa Walker Review: Teaching Toddlers to Walk with Sustainably Sourced Materials

Isn’t it great when you find a product that meets that desirable consumer trifecta of being good to the maker, good for the consumer and good for the planet?The Willa Walker, an infant walking...

Turn Playtime Green: How to Pick Eco-Friendly Toys

Selecting green toys for your children benefits both your family and the planet.

Going Green as a Family: How to Get Your Children to Care about the...

Teaching children about the environment is surprisingly simple with these four tips.

Teaching Kids about the Environment: Singapore’s Ground-Breaking Green Library

At the end of May, the first ever “green” library welcomed kids of all ages to come and explore environmental materials and exhibits.
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Teach Kids To Respect The Environment By Turning Trash Into Crafts

Respecting our planet and making it a better place to live is something that you can teach your children all year round.Just taking everyday household items like emptied food containers and turning them into...
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6 Great Eco-Friendly Kids Activities

It can sometimes be hard work to keep your rugrats entertained and too easy is the option to plonk them down in front of the television, Xbox, or whatever the techno fad of the...