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See our latest coverage of the latest Chevy hybrid car, the Chevrolet Volt.

Chevrolet Volt

Chevy Volt driving costs: $0.02 / mile

The Chevrolet Volt is undeniably greener than a traditional automobile and as an electric car, it saves money. But if you've ever wondered how much money, then wonder no more! One...
2014 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt drivers pass 100 million mile milestone

Two years ago, this month, the Chevrolet Volt went on sale. Since then, all the Volt owners have collectively driven more than 100 million electric miles. Estimates reveal that the average...
Chevy Volt

Survey Finds Chevy Volt Best for Owner Satisfaction 2 Years in a Row

Every year the Consumer Reports National Research Center surveys Consumer Reports readers about how happy they are with their vehicles.  The monthly magazine, which has been in publication since...
Chevy Volt Battery

EV Battery Makers Being Paid Not to Work

In the United States, where we’re in the midst of an election and a series of presidential debates, green initiatives are a hot topic. Democrats are pointing their fingers...
OnStar Chevy Volt EcoHub App

OnStar’s EcoHub to provide charging insights to Chevy Volt drivers

Chevrolet Volt owners will be able to know how much it costs to charge their battery, if a new app proves to be successful. OnStar is testing a new app...
2013 Chevrolet Volt

US Military purchases 1,500 hybrid vehicles

It seems as though commuters aren’t the only ones worried about the price of fuel. With dozens of different alternative-fuel projects reportedly in the works, it is the U.S....
Cadillac ELR

Luxury hybrid Cadillac ELR hitting streets in 2013

Car enthusiasts are abuzz this week following an announcement that Cadillac will soon roll out its new luxury, hybrid vehicle. Cadillac, and its parent company GM, say they will introduce...
Fisker Recall

Hybrid, Electric Vehicle Recalls Receive Outsized Media Attention

A recent slew of recall notices for hybrid and electric vehicles has caught attention from major media outlets. The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times jumped on...
Chevy Volt

Considering Buying an Electric Car? It’s Not Too Late to Take Advantage of the...

Recalls issued for a number of electric vehicles have given EVs a bad rap as of late. This week Mitsubishi announced a recall for its i-MiEV, Nissan had to...
General Motors EV1

The Unfortunate History and Hopeful Future of Electric Cars

Unless you’ve buried your head in the sand for years, you’ll already know that the world needs to embrace electric cars to help release us from the reliance on...


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