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Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies That Will Get You Into “Ship Shape”

Hand-written letters are a thing of the past, unfortunately. Nowadays, the only thing you'll get in the mail is marketing leaflets and parcels. The marketing leaflets are usually a complete and utter waste, and we...
cardboard furniture

Is Cardboard Furniture a Green, Low Cost, Portable Alternative to Traditional Furniture?

One of the most common everyday materials we come in contact with is cardboard. Plain brown cardboard is so unremarkable that it’s often never considered as use for anything other than packaging. However, this...
Cardboard bike

The Cardboard Bike

When buying a bike there are a few things to think of such as what it will be used for, how much it costs, etc. Theft is also a worry, as it’s very easy...
Grand & Toy Boomerang Box

Grand & Toy releases the boomerang box; promotes cardboard box reuse over recycling

One of Canada's most popular stationary retailers has launched a new line of reusable shipping containers, following a successful pilot program to test out its design. The reusable Boomerang Box reportedly saves more than...
Corrugated cardboard

Ontario Considers Corrugated Cardboard Ban

Ontario's paper industry is now attempting to ban old corrugated containers (OCCs) from public and private landfills as a way of promoting proper recycling and environmental sustainability. This decision comes in light of Quebec's...
malt o meal bag the box

Malt-O-Meal Cereals sold in Green Bags instead of Boxes

A cereal box is redundant, unnecessary packaging. The bag inside is already protecting the product and keeping it fresh, and the cardboard flaps that 'close' the cereal box really don't do anything to keep...
seventh generation cardboard container

Seventh Generation Redesigns Bottle: Recycled Paper on the Outside, Minimal Plastic Inside

Seventh Generation, the environmentally-friendly household product maker, is overhauling the design of their plastic bottles to show consumers they can go greener. Now, Seventh Generation household cleaner bottles have 66% less plastic, and the...