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eco friendly apps

5 Green Apps That Will Help You Live Sustainably

The World Economic Forum this year has cited new technologies as the most effective way to combat climate change. For most, this can start by merely downloading an app on your smartphone or tablet. Here are 5 free apps that can help you save the planet.
Christmas gifts

Give Eco Friendly Gifts This Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, but you only have to look at the huge amount of packaging and wrapping paper cluttering up rubbish bins on Boxing Day to realise it’s not...
baby parent

Green Parenting: Tips for Families Committed to Helping the Environment

There are a number of important ways that new parents can cut back on waste and help the environment.

Parenting Solutions: 5 Green Tips for Families

Going green doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. These 5 parent-approved tips will help your entire family be more environmentally conscious.

Rantasalmi, Finland’s first planned eco-industrial park

Nestled amongst the lakes and forest of Finland’s mid-Nordic region, a complex of businesses tied to forestry works closely to lessen their ecological footprint.The site is called Rantasalmi, located near the town of the...
Coffee Cup

How Small Changes Can Make Big Carbon Savings [Infographic]

It is not always easy to live a more environmentally friendly life and, for this reason, many people do not really attempt to do so but one man is out to change that. Steve...
SPAM Email

US Carbon Footprint Dominates… Because of Spam

In the world of environmental pollution there are three big players; the US, India, and China. Currently leading the race… the U.S. And it may be for a reason that you have never thought...

The 10:10 Campaign: Cut 10% of Your Carbon Starting in 2010

If you haven't heard of the 10:10 Campaign by now, it's not too late. Although 2010 feels like it's starting to come to a close, the campaign, according to its global director Lizzie Gillett,...
how to live a low carbon life

Chris Goodall Gives Advice on Reducing Your Carbon Footprint by Driving, Eating Better

It may be hard to believe, but sometimes driving is the greener way to travel.According to Chris Goodall's book How To Live A Low-Carbon Life, we need to think of fuel as a far more general...

Count Down Your Carbon Campaign

Count Down Your Carbon is a relatively new organization that helps people with an environmentally friendly conscience keep track of their contributions towards a greener future. At their site, you can register all...