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What is Carbon Piracy? [Explainer]

Carbon piracy is the unethical and exploitative practices of some carbon offsetting projects. It can harm indigenous communities, the environment, and accountability. Be sure to research and choose reputable projects when investing in carbon offsetting.

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Carbon Capture and Storage Explained

CCS is seen as a critical technology for mitigating climate change, as it can potentially capture up to 90% of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. Today we explore what it is, how it’s done, and the main benefits, challenges, opportunities, and potential future of this nascent industry.

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What’s It Like at the Orca Carbon Capture Plant?

In September 2021, the Swiss company Climeworks opened the first carbon capture plant in Iceland. Named Orca after the Icelandic word for energy, this plant permanently removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and securely stores it underground.This technology has exciting implications for environmental health and sustainable industry.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Orca carbon capture plant.