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Electric car sharing

Shared Electric Cars for a Sustainable Mobility

In years and decades to come, the concept of owning a car is bound to change drastically, with the emergence of driverless cars and the growing popularity of ridesharing and carsharing services. Carsharing is...
travelling eco

Travel Eco – Why We Should All Start Doing It

  The Benefits of Travelling Eco We’ve come a long way in the last decade in terms of tackling pollution, and being more aware of the impact our travel is having on the environment, both in...
Autolib electric car sharing in Paris

Autolib’: Car Sharing In Paris

The city of Paris launched an electric car sharing program called Autolib' exactly one year ago. On its one year anniversary, the program has been confirmed as a success, as the program started with only 66...

Graceland University adopts green car sharing service

If you're a student in Iowa who makes up the occasional excuse not to get to class, here's one excuse that won't fly: "I didn't have a ride".UhaulCarShare is teaming up with Graceland University...