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10 Safe Sunscreens For Your Sunny Summer Days

Rates of people who are diagnosed with skin cancer have been on the rise since the 1970s when studies revealed the dangers of too much sun exposure. In the Environmental...

The anti-science wing of the organic movement

This article is written by Mischa Popoff, a former organic farmer and USDA-contract organic inspector and is the author of Is it Organic? Reason is a tool, but it can never be the...
silicon environmental health wristband

New Wristband Could Tell You When Your Environment is Toxic

Before air-monitoring systems existed, canaries were used to keep those charged with digging deep below safe. If the canary suddenly dropped dead, the miners harvesting coal from the Earth’s crust...
body toxins

How Your Socioeconomic Status May Affect The Toxins In Your Body

In 2013, researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School plowed through a decade's worth of health and nutrition data on Americans to find out how socioeconomic status affects...
sun tanning

Skin Cancer Awareness Month: DIY Suntan Lotion Recipes

In the Northern Hemisphere, the recent calendar page turn from April to May marks the official start of the spring-summer season, the return of shorts and of sand-filled Saturdays. It...
Chinese village

Chinese ‘Cancer Villages’ Generates TCM ‘Cancer Protocols’

Finally, there could be some hope for the documented 400 or more Chinese ‘cancer villages’ scattered through-out their country; as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is heroically called upon to...
China cancer epidemic

Toxic Time Bomb: Chinese ‘Cancer Villages’

Alarming headlines from around the World are sharing the toxic tragedy regarding the current ticking time bomb within China; now, that they are officially admitting to clusters of ‘cancer...
Cancer cell

Man-Made Chemicals Partially Responsible For Some Cancers, Study Says

A U.N.-sponsored study has concluded that man-made chemicals that are used in everyday products, called EDCs, are responsible for birth deformities, hormonal cancers, and psychiatric diseases. Moreover, EDCs have...
animal testing bunnies

Vote to spare animals from research and help women fight breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting women in the United States, aside from non-melanoma skin cancer. Only very few species aside from humans develop the disease....
How many cancers can be prevented infographic

How Many Cancers Can be Prevented?

This infographic shows the results of extensive research into what cancers can be linked to which lifestyle choices. It is hoped that by publishing this research, people can start...


harmful things for dogs

Harmful Things You Do to Your Dog Without Realizing

Discover the surprising ways you might unknowingly harm your beloved dog. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and ensure the well-being of your furry friend.
paperless invoicing

From Paper to Digital: A Guide to Green Invoicing for Businesses

Discover the power of going digital with our comprehensive guide to green invoicing. Say goodbye to paper clutter and embrace the eco-friendly solution that streamlines your business operations and saves the environment, one invoice at a time.

Understanding the Different Types of Solar Panels

Making the switch to solar power is exciting, but you’ll have to do some research first. There are different variations of solar panels that offer various pros and cons. Check out this guide to understanding the different types of solar panels to make the best decision for your home or business.

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breakthroughs in solar

The Latest Developments and Breakthroughs in Solar

The solar industry has come a long way in just the last few years. The latest developments and breakthroughs in solar technology include longer-lasting solar cells, solar cells that you can print onto flexible surfaces, solar panels that track the sun from east to west throughout the day, and solar power plants that work at night. Here's a breakdown of the breakthroughs we're most excited about.
Fruiting neem tree

How to Make Your Own Neem Oil Pesticide

Neem oil pesticide is 100% natural and non-toxic to humans and pets, is inexpensive, and offers a long-term solution to pest problems.

4 Simple Ways to Unclog a Drain Without Harmful Chemicals

There are several inexpensive and non-toxic methods you can use to unclog drains in your home with ingredients you probably already have in your cabinets.

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