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Zero Food Waste by 2025 as Walmart Canada Delivers $15M Commitment

Walmart Canada has announced a commitment to achieve zero food waste by 2025, while Walmart Foundation is providing $15m in grants to support Canadian initiatives and research to reduce food waste along the food chain from farm to fork.
Plastic Bag Ban

Victoria’s Progressive Plastic Bag Ban Heads for Court

A Canadian city's plans to ban plastic bags this summer could be reversed after a court challenge was launched.

Guess who’s ashamed of GMOs?

There was a time when ones and zeros were all controlled by a handful of very powerful men. Then along came a couple upstarts working out of their garages, and within a decade the...
snowy wind turbines in Canada

Canada: An Alternative Energy Oasis

Canada’s beautiful scenery, expansive coastlines, dark forests and prairies offer more than just a postcard idyllic landscape – these contain essential raw materials for the new and developing generation of alternative energy production.Unlike other...
canada geese

Yay! The Canada Geese are Back!

Wait, you're not cheering along? That's okay. They're not my favorite birds, either. It almost seems like the Canada geese never went away, but I really felt their presence today while sidestepping their abundant droppings...
santa claus

Is Santa Canadian? Scientists and Politicians Duke it Out Over The North Pole

For generations, Santa Claus’ home has been in the North Pole, which on any current map is clearly in Canada.That may change over the next decade, as scientists and politicians debate whether or not...

#WaterWeek in Canada

March 18-24 is Canada Water Week.Not only is this precious commodity essential for life and the make-up of at least 60% of the human body, but it is embedded in the core of almost...
Green bin

Research: Most of Canada’s wasted food is dumped from homes as unwanted leftovers

Canadians are among the world's most well-fed people. So much so that they're wasting billions of dollars worth of edible food a year, mostly coming from their homes. That’s according to new findings released...

Study shows one out of three people throw batteries in the garbage

Many Canadians living in the country’s most populous province are avid recyclers. But a new study suggests that the disposal of single-use batteries aren’t top of mind for Ontario households.The research was conducted by...

terra20, Canada’s largest eco friendly superstore, opens in Ottawa

It is a grand opening that is making history in the Canadian capital.Ottawa is now home to the largest green department store in North America, thanks to the opening of terra20 this past weekend.The...