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Savory Gluten Free Waffles 3

Savory Gluten Free Waffles Recipe

These gluten-free waffles are easy to make and are just as fluffy and light as normal waffles. If you are partial to the berries and maple syrup, these waffles can always be served traditionally.

Breaking Bad (Breakfast Habits): How Kids’ ‘Most Important Meal of the Day’ Can Be...

Breakfast has long been touted as the “most important meal of the day,” but as it turns out many of us seeking a balanced brekkie are getting more than we bargain for—yet less than...
Holy Crap cereal in space

Holy Crap! You’re headed to Space!

A spunky cereal named ‘Holy Crap’ has achieved an accomplishment that’s literally out of this world.And here’s the prize: Holy Crap will be proudly available on the food menu for Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield...
malt o meal bag the box

Malt-O-Meal Cereals sold in Green Bags instead of Boxes

A cereal box is redundant, unnecessary packaging. The bag inside is already protecting the product and keeping it fresh, and the cardboard flaps that 'close' the cereal box really don't do anything to keep...