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healthier gluten free cookbook

Cookbook Review: Healthier Gluten Free by Lisa Howard

Cookbook author Lisa Howard is a popular culinary speaker who helps people understand and evaluate health aspects of their food intake. She is creative and fun as a cooking instructor and during her classes...
Pills and Starships Book Cover

Book Review: Pills and Starships by Lydia Millet

Lydia Millet is a popular short story writer recognized for creating unusual characters and dark humor along with exploring relationship between animals and humans. Her most recent novel “Pills and Starships” is an unusual...
kids reading

10 of the Best Eco-Friendly Books For Children

We all know that books are great ways to entertain our children, but we also know that books are a great education resource too. Countless studies have told us that reading to our children,...
Sheri Koones Prefabulous World

Book Review: Prefabulous World by Sheri Koones

Disclaimer: I am automatically biased toward anything that is supported by Robert Redford. Seriously though, this is a really beautifully made book that made me consider new methods of building and sustaining our world.More...
julie daniluk slimming meals that heal

Book Review: ’Slimming Meals That Heal’ by Julie Daniluk

When they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I’m pretty sure this is the book they’re referring to. Upon first glance this looks like your average trendy “gluten-free” cook-book. Open it up,...
"SPILL" by Daniel Beltrá

‘Spill’ shows Deepwater Horizon disaster in an artistic light

The Deepwater Horizon disaster that occurred in 2010 is still a fresh thought in peoples' minds, but a new book called Spill by photographer Daniel Beltrá is showing the effects of the BP oil spill in an artistic...

Teaching Kids about the Environment: Singapore’s Ground-Breaking Green Library

At the end of May, the first ever “green” library welcomed kids of all ages to come and explore environmental materials and exhibits.

RAN: Publisher’s books linked to paper from endangered rainforests

One of the world’s most respected publishers has become the latest subject of criticism by the Rainforest Action Network (RAN).HarperCollins has been accused by the conservation group of using materials sourced from Indonesia's endangered...

Twilight’s “Vampire Habitat” being preserved by the Nature Conservancy

The dark forests where the vampires and werewolves of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series sought refuge—Washington's Olympic Peninsula—is being preserved courtesy of The Nature Conservancy and its partners.The Nature Conservancy has acquired 3,000 acres of forest over the...
A photo of the cover of Garbology

Ruth Terry reviews ‘Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash’

A recent poll shows that the average American spends upwards of $84 per day, but what exactly are they buying? Journalist Edward Humes helps answer that question in “Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with...