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Hyundai Will Use “Second Life” EV Batteries to Store Energy

Hyundai is partnering with Wärtsilä, a Finnish energy storage firm, to make use of the so-called second life electric car batteries for stationary energy storage.

Volkswagen Is Using Google’s Quantum Computing Technology to Develop Specialized EV Batteries

Volkswagen says that Quantum computing technology could help come up with a “chemical blueprint” that will speed up development and production of electric vehicle batteries. The technology, according to VW, can analyze and build a specialized and customized car battery for future green cars.
Tesla Model 3

New Battery Breakthrough Could Revolutionize the Electric Car Sector

Researchers have stumbled on a material with dielectric properties between 1,000 and 10,000 times greater than existing conductors, promising a game-changer for the electric car industry.
Tesla powerwall clean energy battery

Selecting the Right Solar Battery for Your Residential Solar System

When selecting the right solar battery for your residential solar system, there are factors that you have to consider yourself, such as cost, lifecycle, safety, installation, and maintenance.
Tesla Australia solar battery

Australia’s Tesla Solar Battery Turns a Profit

Tesla's Powerpack Project only came on stream in December, but on two occasions it has already stepped up to save the grid, and in the process, sold excess electricity on the power market for around $810,000.
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Solar Batteries: The Future of Solar Power [Infographic]

One of the keys to mainstream solar adoption is efficient batteries that can effectively store the power for use during times when there is no available sun.The infographic below outlines all of the benefits...

The Coolest Upcoming Green Tech at CES 2015!

For many of us, there’s nothing quite as exciting as new technology. Even people who aren’t particularly interested in technology get a kick out of seeing the newest Smart TV in action!That’s why the...
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MIT Scientists Develop Electric Car Battery to Support 400 Mile Charge

We’ve reached a point in the hybrid and electric car market where we’re patiently, yet frustratingly, sitting around waiting for someone to produce a high-powered and long-capacity battery, all while being inexpensive and available for the standard...
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MIT Scientists Discover Dead Batteries Can Be Used to Make Solar Panels

As newer kinds of batteries replace old lead ones, there's going to be a glut of the toxic metal in the environments. Now MIT scientists have come up with a great way to recycle...
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Big News For Tesla; Panasonic Takes Place Of Toyota In Battery Wars

On top of news regarding BMW’s new suitcase 24-kilowatt charger unit, Tesla Motors and Panasonic have announced a new deal to create, develop and launch a new U.S.-based gigafactory capability, with a goal of full...