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bamboo floor in home

The Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

When you choose bamboo flooring for your home, you can feel good knowing that you are making a sustainable choice that will benefit the environment.
green technology for future homes

The Best Green Technology for Future Homes

We should all do our part in improving the environment, and that starts from our homes. If you're thinking of building or remodeling your home, here are some Eco-friendly additions and materials you should consider for a greener home.
bamboo building

History of Bamboo as a Building Material

How would you feel about using grass as a building material? No, today we’re not talking about grass huts, but about the largest grass in the world: bamboo. Bamboo...
Bali Mansion

The Bali Bamboo Mansion

What stands as the dream tree house of the century, could also be nominated for any number of architectural awards. This tree house in Bali was constructed almost entirely...
minesto underwater kite

3 Green Technology Advancements That Could Change Everything

Green technology is pioneering the way we live, finding solutions that help us cut our carbon emissions, reduce our waste, and protect our planet. Forecasters predict we'll see a...
cotton and chemicals

Cotton’s Dirty Little Secret

Cotton is everywhere.  We use cotton fibers to make clothing, bed sheets, curtains, car seats, pillows, and much, much more.  It is one of the United States’ largest exports,...
bamboo Haiti

Haiti’s Horizon Could be Filled with Bamboo

Many remember the 7.0 earthquake that ravaged the small Caribbean country of Haiti back in 2010.  Over one million people lost their homes because of the giant quake, and...

Is the FTC “Bamboo-zling” Consumers?

When bamboo bed sheets emerged on the market in 2010, they elicited a shockingly strong reaction from the United States government.  Companies claimed that these sheets were hypo-allergenic and...

The Green School of Sibang Kaja (Ubud)

It was everywhere! Bamboo walls, bamboo ceilings, bamboo desks. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was surrounded by natural beauty at all angles. Rice paddies flourished in open classrooms, tropical...


harmful things for dogs

Harmful Things You Do to Your Dog Without Realizing

Discover the surprising ways you might unknowingly harm your beloved dog. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and ensure the well-being of your furry friend.
paperless invoicing

From Paper to Digital: A Guide to Green Invoicing for Businesses

Discover the power of going digital with our comprehensive guide to green invoicing. Say goodbye to paper clutter and embrace the eco-friendly solution that streamlines your business operations and saves the environment, one invoice at a time.

Understanding the Different Types of Solar Panels

Making the switch to solar power is exciting, but you’ll have to do some research first. There are different variations of solar panels that offer various pros and cons. Check out this guide to understanding the different types of solar panels to make the best decision for your home or business.

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breakthroughs in solar

The Latest Developments and Breakthroughs in Solar

The solar industry has come a long way in just the last few years. The latest developments and breakthroughs in solar technology include longer-lasting solar cells, solar cells that you can print onto flexible surfaces, solar panels that track the sun from east to west throughout the day, and solar power plants that work at night. Here's a breakdown of the breakthroughs we're most excited about.
how much electricity does a solar panel produce

Solar Installation for Homeowners: A Complete Guide

Are you considering installing solar panels on your home? Here's everything you need to know about solar installation for homeowners.
Fruiting neem tree

How to Make Your Own Neem Oil Pesticide

Neem oil pesticide is 100% natural and non-toxic to humans and pets, is inexpensive, and offers a long-term solution to pest problems.

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