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Starting from Day One: Raising an Eco-Friendly Baby

There are few periods in life that are as exciting, tiring and filled with emotion as raising a baby. On top of being a lot of work, bringing a newborn into the world can...
Pregnancy Yoga

5 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

When you’re pregnant, it can feel like you’ve become someone else. You have many aches and pains in places you never did before, you feel very emotional, but also you are excited about a...
earth monkeys

Earth Monkeys Eco-Friendly and Ultra-Portable Baby Accessories

What Makes Earth Monkeys Great As far as baby-based start-ups go, Earth Monkeys has two great advantages over their competition: first, all of their products fold up small enough to fit on a keychain, making...

The Ideal Gift For That New Bundle of Joy

Spring officially arrives in the Northern Hemisphere this Saturday and according to the lexicon of Disney, this means many little bundles of joy are headed our way. Inevitably around this time of year, you...
Drinking BPA bottle

Ban Sought for BPA in Baby Products

States are moving to ban the chemical BPA from food and drink container, primarily those meant for infants and toddlers, due to health concerns. A number of states are considering restrictions on bisphenol A, an...