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Tesla Powerwall

Free Solar Panels and Tesla Batteries to Slash South Australians’ Domestic Bills

Household bills could be lowered by a third in South Australia, where 50,000 solar panels and Tesla batteries are to be handed over free of charge.
Tesla Australia solar battery

Australia’s Tesla Solar Battery Turns a Profit

Tesla's Powerpack Project only came on stream in December, but on two occasions it has already stepped up to save the grid, and in the process, sold excess electricity on the power market for around $810,000.

Elon Musk: Renewables the Only Solution to Australia’s Energy Crisis

The energy crisis in Australia is so bad that some families have to choose between power and food on some days, according to this 60 Minutes segment.And though Elon Musk and Tesla are already...

Tesla Tiny House Shows off Powerwall Capabilities

Tiny houses are the rage these days, and now electric car manufacturer and energy solutions provider Tesla is getting in on the action.Tesla’s goal with the tiny house is to demonstrate the effectiveness of...

How South Australia can function reliably while moving to 100% renewable power

Despite the criticism levelled at South Australia over its renewable energy ambitions, the state is nevertheless aiming to be carbon neutral by mid-century), which will mean moving to 100% renewable electricity over the next...

Why do koalas hug trees in the heat?

Everyone is accustomed to seeing a koala hugging a tree branch – in fact, some may find it hard to picture them doing anything else. But many probably ask themselves, why do koalas hug...
melbourne skyline

Eco-Chic: Environmentalism in Melbourne

It's hard not to be aware of the impact that humans have on the planet. From rising tides to receding glaciers, being aware of the environment and man's place within it has never been...
solar panels in Australia

Australia’s Utility Companies Struggling To Stop Solar PVs

Australia’s major electricity utilities are trying to stop the rapid installation and use of solar photovoltaic cells (solar PVs). Due to its sunny climate, everyday consumers are realizing that it is cheaper to create...
Sydney Opera House

Australia’s Eco Future: Households versus Political Decisions

The environment has once more come to the attention of the general public, in the wake of Australia’s recently held federal elections.The reason?The recently elected and incoming Coalition is expected to alter the course...
solar panels

Australian Coalition’s Solar Rebate Could Do More Harm than Good

In Australia, a $500 rebate which the Coalition is offering to homeowners who install solar PV systems or solar hot water systems over the next ten years, may have been halved from the 2010...