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Lab-Grown Meat: The Future of Meat is Here

Lab-grown meat is the real deal. It looks, tastes, and feels like traditional meat, but it’s made without harming animals or the environment. In the future, lab-grown meat could help to solve some of the world’s biggest food challenges.

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Plant-Based Meats: The New Wave of Meat Alternatives

When it comes to meat, there are two camps: those who prefer the real thing and those who are willing to try alternatives. And while there are plenty of arguments to be made for both sides, the case for plant-based meats is becoming increasingly strong. Learn all about this tasty and environmentally-friendly meat alternative.

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5 Tips to Reduce Your Weekly Meat Intake

Meat is a common food and source of protein for many people, but it can contribute to health problems such as obesity and heart disease. You probably eat meat daily- maybe more than once a day.

However, do you know how much meat you’re eating every week and the impact on your health and the environment? To reduce your weekly meat intake, consider these five tips.