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Mandy Barker Penalty soccer ball oceans art

All of these soccer balls were ocean debris; now they’re art

While most of the globe is caught up watching the World Cup, artist Mandy Barker is showing off an exhibit inspired by soccer (or football, depending on where you're...
climate change on beach

Incredible photos illustrate the importance of climate change

An indonesian graphic artist has created a series of realistic photos that illustrate the importance and severity of climate change and the current state of our planet. Scroll down to...
Garth Britzman Plastic Art

Artist Garth Britzman Creates Art Out Of Plastic

American artist Garth Britzman has collaborated with University of Nebraska students to create a piece titled (POP)culture, made of plastic. The endeavor took 200 hours to make and is a temporary installation. "This...
food waste artwork

Food Artist Creates Art And Makes Statement About Food Waste

Artist Narcelio Grud from Brazil has created urban artwork out of discarded fruits and vegetables to raise awareness about food wastage. According to some statistics, people who live in...
Bicycle Art

Chinese Artist Makes Bicycle Installation

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has a new installation in  San Gimignano, Italy which is made of 760 bicycles. Considered to be one of China's most controversial artists, Weiwei's work is always filled with protesting political...
Plastic pacific

Kim Preston’s “Plastic Pacific” Series

Plastic objects positioned in the ocean is the subject of photographer Kim Preston's new series, titled Plastic Pacific. The series features everyday plastic objects floating in the sea looking like jellyfish, polyps,...
CD Sea

British Artist Uses 65,000 CDs for Installation

British artist Bruce Munro's latest work involves a sustainable medium that incorporates recycling: CDs. And not just a couple of CDs—65,000 recycled CDs. The installation, which is being called "Waterlilies," was made...
recycled doll sculpture

Art From Recycled Plastic Dolls

Discarded dolls typically end up in landfills, but thanks to Australian artist Freya Jobbins, recycled Barbie and Ken dolls are being reused as a medium for her artistic sculpture. As reported by Designboom,...
David Nash environmental artwork

British Sculptor Makes Art From Aged and Diseased Trees

Acclaimed British sculptor and passionate environmentalist, David Nash, has a special exhibit of his new art titled 'New Works' at the Royal Botanic Gardens, located in the outskirts of London that...
Garbage Bins

Crazy Things People Have Done With Trash

We should know by now that it is vital that we ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ our rubbish. We want to take care of our planet so reducing harmful waste...


hydrogen car dashboard

What Are the Unique Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel for Transportation?

Discover the unparalleled advantages of hydrogen fuel for transportation in our comprehensive article. From eco-friendliness to cost-effectiveness, we explore the unique benefits that make hydrogen fuel a game-changer in the automotive industry.
person giving a dog some food

How to Feed Your Dog in an Environmentally-Friendly Way

Looking for ways to minimize your environmental impact while still providing your furry friend with a healthy and balanced diet? Our comprehensive guide on how to feed your dog in an environmentally-friendly way is just what you need!
red pepper tofu dip

Vegan Red Pepper Tofu and Chickpea Spread Recipe

Red pepper spreads are usually chock full of cream and cheese – making them a delight for the palette but a terror to the waistline. They are also eradicated from the vegan diet due to their animal-based ingredients. This version is incredibly healthy and also protein-filled.

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