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The Latest Technology Trends To Reduce Your Eco Footprint

With new applications for smart devices being developed every day, ‘green’ apps are a dime a dozen. Whether you are an environmentalist, a budding recycler or someone who wants to make a difference in the world, there is an app for it. Here are a few worth checking out.
eco friendly apps

5 Green Apps That Will Help You Live Sustainably

The World Economic Forum this year has cited new technologies as the most effective way to combat climate change. For most, this can start by merely downloading an app on your smartphone or tablet. Here are 5 free apps that can help you save the planet.
BMW i3 smart watch app

BMW is Working on Cars Your Smart Watch Can Park

With the addition of a new smart watch app, BMW i3 drivers can summon their parked vehicles through voice command, and the electric car will navigate its way past pedestrians, obstructions and other vehicles...
zebra mussels

Got a Smartphone? You Can Be an Invasive Species Hunter

Shhh... be very, very quiet, we’re hunting zebra mussels.Zebra mussels are an invasive species in many regions surrounded by the Great Lakes in North America. They are invasive because they aren’t naturally part of...

5 Apps to Measure (and Reduce) Your Carbon Footprint

Exercising, sleeping, cooking, job-hunting… there’s an app for everything nowadays and energy efficiency is no exception. As utility bills creep ever higher and we’re increasingly bombarded with environmental messages, savvy app developers have jumped...
iphone in car

How Your Smartphone Can Help You Be a Greener Driver

Your smartphone can help you become a greener driver. In the past several years, apps have been sprouting up that can assist you with monitoring your fuel consumption and much more.It doesn’t matter whether...
No GMO Corn

No GMO – App Lets You Scan For Monsanto In The Supermarket Aisle

Weary of Monsanto corn? Want to avoid GMO potatoes?There’s an app for that.Last month saw the launch of Buycott – a phone app that scans items in your grocery cart for any sign of...
iPhone solar

Should You Go Solar? Use Your Smart Phone to Find Out!

Most of us like the idea of saving money on electricity by using solar energy, but few of us realize just how easy it is to find out if solar energy is a good...

9 Best Android Apps For Eco-lovers

Technology and going green may sound contradictory, but with latest Android apps you actually can go green. All the latest gadgets use the non-renewable source as fuel, whether its cars, washing machines, air conditioners or mobiles. Scientists have realized that the earth needs...

8 Apps To Help You Monitor Your Electricity Usage

It is plainly obvious that, in order to begin to cut back on your energy consumption, you must first be aware of how, when and where you are using that energy. Once that data is...