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hot summer

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat while Staying Green

Stay cool and stay environmentally friendly this summer by following these suggestions. You'll stay cool, save on your electric bill, and know you're helping out the environment in the process.
air conditioners

7 Characteristics of Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Units

Whether by purchasing units with energy-saving technologies or by improving a home’s energy efficiency, here are seven ways to make air conditioners more environmentally-friendly.
hang dry laundry

5 Creative Eco-Friendly Updates Your Home Needs This Summer

Going green this summer is a great way of exercising creativity and preserving the environment.Remember, living green provides parents with the opportunity of handing down responsibilities to the coming generation. Children will be more...
energy efficiency myths debunked

19 Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked [Infographic]

Climate change is becoming a real and scary threat.Over the last couple of years, we have seen numerous temperature records thanks to our increasing energy demand and associated greenhouse gas emissions.Studies have shown that...
hand reaching for solar panels

3 Solar Powered Home Appliances

Home appliances consume up to a massive 20% of our total energy use, so it makes sense, both from a financial and an environmental viewpoint, to find ways to either cut down our energy...
solar panels on building

The Best Green Technology for Future Homes

Global warming, toxic waste, pollution, illness all are tell-tale signs of a rapidly deteriorating world.That’s exactly the reason why we should all do our part and implement new products and technologies that are green...

Dryer vs. Clothesline: Drop the Power-Wasting Appliance

Somewhere in your home, perhaps lurking in the basement, a closet, or even a bathroom, sits the biggest single energy consumer in your home.This power-wasting appliance consumes an average of 4000 watts, the typical...

Green Cooking Tips: How to Transform Your Kitchen and Your Life

If you are looking for ways to cut back on your carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly at home, look no further than the kitchen.

Easy Ways to Make Your Refrigerator More Energy Efficient

There are some easy things you can do right now to economize your refrigerator’s energy usage. Following these tips won’t cost you any extra money, and can very well put a whole bunch of money right back in your pocket.

How Efficient Are Your Appliances?

Rather than choosing by brand or added features, consumers are increasingly turning to energy efficient appliances when the time comes to purchase a replacement white good.But just how efficient can an appliance be? Is it possible...