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eco friendly tablet

How To Find An Eco-Friendly Tablet & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Any action you take has an effect on the planet, and your gadget purchases are no different. The good news is that there are companies that produce eco-friendly smartphones and tablets, which allows consumers...

5 Apps to Measure (and Reduce) Your Carbon Footprint

Exercising, sleeping, cooking, job-hunting… there’s an app for everything nowadays and energy efficiency is no exception. As utility bills creep ever higher and we’re increasingly bombarded with environmental messages, savvy app developers have jumped...
Instead app

New Microphilanthropy App: INSTEAD

There's a new app in town and it's got one noble goal: To help you find room in your budget to donate to non-profits. How does this app accomplish such a daunting task? It prompts...
mWater Android App

New Android app mWater maps and charts water quality

What if you were traveling and needed to know (or were just plain curious!) about the water quality of the region you were in? What if you became ill and wanted to explain to...