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The Importance of Clean Energy Research to Modern Society

Green energy is a more environmentally friendly energy alternative that helps replace the effects caused by fossil fuels. Due to its many benefits to the environment, research on green energy should be a priority globally. Here are some of the most important areas of research and how they can reshape how we live.

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Understanding Renewable Natural Gas: Is It Actually Renewable?

The green revolution is influencing sustainable changes in different industries. One of the most challenging transitions is occurring in the energy sector. Power companies are working to meet consumers’ demands by developing low-emission energy sources.

Some power companies are transitioning from high-emission energy sources using renewable natural gas. However, environmentalists are skeptical of the power supply’s sustainability.

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4 Essential Tips to Build an Eco-Friendly Home

Green builds are one of the newest and most valuable trends in construction. For every single new house built, there’s an associated impact on the environment, though green builds can minimize, and in some cases even neutralize this impact.

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Exposed: What Really Powers Green Cars?

Virtually all of today’s new electric cars power up by plugging into the electrical power grid. That electricity comes from a variety of sources: nuclear, coal, petroleum, natural gas and various renewable energy sources.