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How Your Roof Affects Your HVAC System

The connection between your roof and your air conditioning bill may not seem clear at first, but the roof you have will make a big difference on how hard your home is to cool.
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7 Characteristics of Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Units

Whether by purchasing units with energy-saving technologies or by improving a home’s energy efficiency, here are seven ways to make air conditioners more environmentally-friendly.
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4 Tips to Run Your Air Conditioner Efficiently

Air conditioning is one of the many modern conveniences that you simply can’t live without. You need it to stay cool and comfortable within your home when the weather outside pushes past “warm” and becomes unbearably hot. The...
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Cooling Your Home… Passively

Hats, fans, sprinklers, and pools. We all look for ways to keep cool in the summer, so why not do the same for your home? Typically we crank the AC or plug in a...
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Going Green With Your Home Heating And Cooling

Now that Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, the summer season has officially kicked off. Expect to be invited to more barbeques, beer gardens, and rafting trips every week! Everyone has different ways...
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Which AC does the least damage to the environment?

If you consider yourself fairly green and knowledgeable by now you know that running your air conditioning all summer is not healthy for the planet.A common refrigerant, a coolant called R-22, is one of the...
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Appliances Going Green

Many of us worry about the future of the planet. Domestic energy consumption makes up a large part of our carbon footprint. Switching to green household appliances has become a must if we want...
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Test Your Energy Efficiency Against These 3 Myths

With the push continuing to conserve as much energy as possible, individuals are coming up with a huge number of tips and tricks that they are convinced save both electricity and money. However –...

How a “Cool Roof” Lowers Your Utility Bills

A cool roof is essentially a smarter-made roof. It’s built from darker pigmented materials that reflect the sun rays instead of soaking them into your home.
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What To Do About Air Conditioning This Summer

Well, how? What do I mean by that?Simple, really – we need more devices that actually indicate, in a simple way, how much power they’re drawing from our house.But when I say in a...