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Africa Tempted by $1 Billion Solar Investment from India

India is to extend credit to African countries to help revolutionize solar power across the continent. The Indian Ministry for External Affairs said it would seek to support 23 solar projects in 13 countries.
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New Technology Enables Africa to Absorb Solar’s Power

A raft of Western-backed companies is helping to bring renewable energy to the remotest and poorest parts of the African continent on a novel pay-as-you-go concept.
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Drought in southern Africa points to urgent need for climate change plans

It is expected that temperatures in southern Africa will rise to between 1.5°C and 3°C due to climate change by the year 2050. This is likely to cause heavy fluctuations of weather patterns and...
Niger, climate change hotspot

Climate change ‘hotspots’: why they matter and why we should invest in them

The consequences of climate change are already being felt all over the globe. But some regions are particularly affected. These so-called “hotspots” are areas where strong physical and ecological effects of climate change come...
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COP22 sets the stage for Africa to mobilise support for adaptation plans

The 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties COP22 will determine what action needs to be taken to combat climate change once the Paris Agreement comes into effect. The conference, which is under way...
African solar panels

Alternative Energy: A Miracle for Billions in Developing Nations

Most of us refer to alternative energies as those that are different from electricity. However, across the developing world, alternative energies to electricity are the only choice.Unfortunately, these usually take the forms of wood,...

Why the World Needs Clean Water (and how you can help)

The infographic below is full of astounding stats, such as: 780 million people lack access to clean water Every 30 seconds a child dies from a waterborne illness 80% of all disease in the world is caused...
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How Geothermal Power Could Transform East Africa

In East Africa, the lack of electricity drives the use of deadly fuels.Lacking power for cooking, the region's residents must use firewood or charcoal to heat food and water for safe consumption. The stakes...
Africa solar panels

Can Africa Put its Bet on Solar Energy to Support its Economic Growth?

The African Sun for Africa’s Growth Solar energy - African economies’ secret weapon. This was the headline of an article published in CNN earlier this year. It reinforced the recent global consensus on Africa that...
african lion

Lions Endangered: The US Considers Adding African Lions To Endangered Species List

The United States government is considering adding African Lions to the endangered species at to protect lions from being imported into the country. The endeavor is supported by a coalition of wildlife groups, according...