Climate Change Hits the Great Lakes [Gallery]

Lake Superior frozen

For the first time this century, the Great Lakes are over 80% frozen. And it’s all thanks to a Polar Vortex.

Though the cold snap means many on the east coast of North America have had to bundle up extra warm the past few months, it does provide us with some beautiful shots of frozen scenery. These photos, taken by The Cookery Maven, make Lake Superior look more like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude than one of our Great Lakes.

The Cookery Maven

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Ian is the co-founder and managing editor of Greener Ideal.
  • Pat Bauman

    Oh gosh. The Great Lakes haven’t frozen over yet this century. Well, here’s a news flash for you. That was a common occurrence throughout the 1900’s, but let’s try to sensationalize it as much as possible now, so that we can blame Climate Change. Here’s another news flash. Climate change is happening now, just like it always has.

    • Tom

      You are absolutely correct Pat – I have lived on the shores of Lake Huron for 50 of my adult years and it was normal for the Great Lakes to freeze every year in the 1900’s.Greener Ideal need to get their facts right and exercise more due diligence in their articles.

      • Ian

        Hi @disqus_9Ds9O7fV6R:disqus, I checked our facts and as it turns out we never mentioned anything about the Great Lakes freezing in the 1900’s. We only mentioned it is the first time it’s happened this century, which is true.

        Perhaps you should actually read the piece before making comments about the accuracy of our information.

        • Tom

          I did see that but it was your headline that sensationalised the Great lakes freezing as if it was a rare occurrence when if fact it is not even news worth mentioning.

          • Ian

            @disqus_9Ds9O7fV6R:disqus, the intention of the post is to showcase the beautiful photos (hence [Gallery] in the title), and nothing else.

          • Tom

            Oh, I did not realise that Greener Ideal was a photograpy magazine – sorry about that.