Solartab Review: The Perfect Solar Powered Battery Companion for your Smartphone and Tablet

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Conserving your phone’s battery while on the go is a painful reality for most smartphone owners. As we continue to use our phones and tablets more and more each day, having a reliable source of power to keep those devices charged is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but rather a necessity – especially for those who use their device for business, or battery-intensive tasks like recording video.

And when you’re looking for a way to charge your phone on-the-go, there’s not always an accessible outlet. So, why not opt to charge your devices instead with clean energy?

Solartab is the latest electronic device solar charger to hit the market, and personally the best one I’ve used. With its long-lasting battery and portable design, the Solartab is a valuable addition to anyone who finds themselves needing a boost of power when on the go.

solartab charging in the sun

The following are some of the highlights of the Solartab:


The Design

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the Solartab was how well the design of the product fit in with the electronics it would be charging. The style of its cover is very similar to the iPad Smart Cover – so much so that you’d be forgiven for confusing the two when spotted next to each other.

solartab and iPad

iPad Air with Smart Cover on the left, Solartab on the right

It’s a sleek, stylish and portable design that can easily fit in any bag or pouch that would fit a 10” tablet, or a large book. Since using it, the Solartab has become a new staple of my work bag.


The Stand

solartab stand
Image via Solartab

When your power is coming from the sun’s rays, it’s critical to be able to tilt and face the sun throughout the day, and the foldable stand (that doubles as a cover) is a very user-friendly way to make it work. Whether you’re propping it up on a table, on the ground or in a windowsill, the flexible stand makes it easy to position the solar cells for maximum sun exposure.

When the stand isn’t in use, it folds over the front of the solar cells to act as a cover, and is held in place by an elastic ribbon.


The Size

solartab charging iPad on table
Image via Solartab

As someone who is used to carrying an iPad or laptop with me at all times, the Solartab’s size fit well stacked along with my portable electronics. Though larger than other solar chargers on the market, the beauty of the Solartab is in its larger size – it allows for more solar cells, and a larger battery, that results in a more powerful charger. The 5.5W mono-crystalline silicon solar panel offers more energy generation and storage than most other portable solar chargers available.

To make use of the extra solar cells, the Solartab comes equipped with multiple ports for dual charging (two standard USB, 2.1A 5V ports).


The Battery

solartab battery charging beats headphones

The Solartab packs a 13,000 mAh lithium polymer battery that’s able to charge an average smartphone or tablet from dead to fully charged a few times over.

Not only did the Solartab’s battery charge an iPhone, iPad and Beats headphones with more energy than I expected, it charged all three of the devices quickly, too. (The Solartab website claims it can charge an iPhone in 1.5 hours and an iPad in 4 hours, which is inline with what I experienced).

The battery also comes equipped with easy-to-read light indicators that communicate its charging status: 4 green lights for battery status, one green charging light for each USB port, and a bright white LED that lights up when the Solartab is charging in the sun.


Other Perks
solartab and box

The Solartab also works as an all-purpose portable battery, even when there isn’t sun to charge it. The charger comes with its own wall outlet and microUSB input to make sure you have a full charge when you’re on the go.



If you’re looking for a solution to keeping your devices charged on the go, or even just away from a power outlet, the Solartab is it. With a high-capacity battery, stylish design and user-friendly LED indicators, the Solartab is the best solar charger we’ve used to date and one we recommend buying if you’re in the market.


Solartab is available to buy from Amazon for $99, but you can save $20 off your purchase when you enter coupon code GREENR20 at checkout.

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2 thoughts on “Solartab Review: The Perfect Solar Powered Battery Companion for your Smartphone and Tablet”

  1. A rather poor review. Since this is marketed as a SOLAR charger, some information as to how long it takes to charge up the battery using only Solar power would have been appropriate.

  2. A rather poor review. Since this is marketed as a SOLAR charger, some information as to how long it takes to charge up the battery using only Solar power would have been appropriate.


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