POWERADD PRO 100W: Hands-On Review

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poweradd pro 100w power bank

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In the realm of portable technology, the demand for devices that combine efficiency with environmental consciousness has never been higher. Our goal at Greener Ideal is to provide thorough, objective evaluations of products that cater to this growing market.

In this review, we’re examining the POWERADD PRO 100W 20000mAh power bank, a device that claims to set a new standard for fast, portable charging solutions.

This review is based on our hands-on experience with the POWERADD PRO. The opinions expressed here are solely ours and not influenced by any external factors. While we did receive a review unit for evaluation purposes, we have not received any compensation or incentives in exchange for this review. POWERADD has had no editorial involvement in the creation or content of this review. Our aim is to provide an unbiased and honest assessment of the product based on our first-hand experience.

A Power Bank for Tech Savvy and Eco-Conscious Users

The POWERADD PRO 100W power bank boasts dual PD USB-C ports with up to 100W output, designed to significantly reduce charging time for devices, including laptops like the MacBook Pro.

With a capacity of 20000mAh, it positions itself as a versatile charging solution capable of servicing a wide range of electronic devices multiple times on a single charge. However, it’s important to note the absence of an included adapter for achieving its maximum recharge rate.

Explore High-Speed Charging

poweradd pro 100w power bank outlets


  • High 100W output for rapid charging
  • Significant 20000mAh battery capacity
  • Simultaneous charging for three devices
  • Broad device compatibility
  • Potential for sustainable charging solutions
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Lack of included adapter for maximum recharge speed

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Our Hands-On Product Review

Device Compatibility

poweradd pro 100w power bank charging devices

The POWERADD PRO distinguishes itself with a combination of high charging output and large capacity. This 20000mAh power bank can recharge devices like the MacBook Pro 16-inch up to 36% in 30 minutes, asserting its capacity for fast, efficient power delivery. It also supports charging up to three devices at once through its multiple USB ports, showcasing versatility in real-world applications.

Compatibility is another strength, with support for various fast charging protocols ensuring the power bank can service a wide array of devices from different brands. Yet, users should be aware that to utilize the power bank’s full recharging speed, an additional purchase of a 100W adapter is necessary, as it is not included with the power bank.


poweradd pro 100w power bank in hand

Despite its powerful performance and substantial capacity, the POWERADD PRO 100W 20000mAh power bank maintains an impressively lightweight and portable design. This balance between functionality and ease of carry is a standout feature, enabling users to effortlessly include it in their everyday carry without the burden often associated with high-capacity power banks. Its compact dimensions ensure that it can easily fit into a backpack, handbag, or even some larger pockets, making it an ideal companion for travelers, commuters, and anyone in need of reliable power on the move. This portability, coupled with its robust charging capabilities, positions the POWERADD PRO as a top choice for those seeking convenience without compromising on performance.

The POWERADD PRO 100W 20000mAh power bank emerges as an indispensable tool for digital nomads and remote workers who often find themselves in settings like coffee shops where power outlets may be scarce or unavailable. Imagine settling into a cozy corner with your laptop only to discover your battery is low and there’s not an outlet in sight. With the POWERΛDD PRO, this scenario transforms from a potential work stoppage to a mere hiccup.

Working Off-Grid

This power bank is a boon for those who yearn to merge productivity with the tranquility of nature, effectively enabling off-grid work without compromising connectivity or device uptime.

Whether you’re drafting a proposal by a serene lakeside, analyzing spreadsheets in the midst of a forest, or attending virtual meetings from a remote cabin, this power bank ensures your devices remain powered. Its substantial capacity can sustain your laptop, tablet, and smartphone for extended periods, liberating you from the confines of wall outlets and urban settings.

By offering the freedom to charge multiple devices simultaneously with rapid efficiency, it encourages a mobile office setup anywhere your heart desires—amidst nature’s calm. You could even pair it with a portable solar panel setup and use completely sustainable energy to charge your battery.

This capability not only enhances work-life balance by integrating the soothing elements of the natural world into your work routine but also ensures that your creative and professional output is not tethered to conventional work environments, fostering inspiration and productivity in the great outdoors.

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Yes, it can charge a combination of devices, including laptops and smartphones, at once.

Its capacity falls within the limits for airline travel, making it suitable for flying.

With the appropriate 100W adapter (not included), it can be fully recharged in approximately 1 hour.


If the POWERADD PRO 100W’s requirement for an external adapter for optimal recharging or its size is a concern, alternatives like the Anker PowerCore+ or Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank might offer different advantages, including included adapters or more compact sizes, catering to varying user preferences.


The POWERADD PRO 100W 20000mAh power bank presents itself as a robust option for those in need of a fast, versatile charging solution. While it delivers on capacity and speed, potential buyers should consider the necessity of an additional adapter for maximum efficiency.

For tech enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals alike, this power bank could be a significant step towards more sustainable and convenient charging on the go.

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