isYoung Solar-Powered Smart Bird Feeder Camera Review: Bringing Birdwatching to the Digital Age

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smart bird feeder camera with solar panel

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Bird watching has evolved with the introduction of the isYoung Smart Bird Feeder Camera, a device that combines the tranquility of nature with the latest in smart technology.

This review explores how the isYoung feeder turns your backyard into a haven for birds while providing an engaging, interactive experience for users.

About the Product

The isYoung Smart Bird Feeder Camera is an innovative product designed for bird lovers who appreciate technology’s convenience.

Featuring a high-definition AI camera and smart connectivity, this feeder goes beyond traditional models by identifying bird species and sharing the wonders of nature directly on your smartphone.

It’s a brilliant way to engage with wildlife without leaving your home.

Key Facts


  • Easy to set up with multiple mounting options.
  • User-friendly app integration.
  • Effective solar panel that reduces energy use and ensures continuous power supply
  • Versatile feeding options including suet, fruit, and liquids for various bird species.


  • Limited use on flat surfaces due to pole-mount design.
  • Heavier build might restrict placement options.
  • Large base may not fit all spaces.

Our Hands-On Review of the isYoung Smart Bird Feeder Camera


The isYoung Smart Bird Feeder Camera marks a significant advancement in bird feeding technology. With its 1080P HD video capability and a 140° wide-angle lens, the camera captures detailed images and videos of visiting birds, showcasing their vibrant feathers in stunning clarity, even at night. Its IP65 waterproof rating ensures the device remains operational in various weather conditions, protecting both the seeds and the electronic components.

One of the feeder’s standout features is its AI-powered camera, which can recognize over 10,000 bird species. This technology, combined with real-time notifications and photo uploads via the VicoHome app, enhances the user experience by making bird watching accessible from anywhere.

The app’s functionality extends to wildlife management, featuring two-way voice communication and a siren alarm to deter pests like squirrels, adding a layer of interactivity seldom seen in bird feeders.

Powered by Solar Energy

Sustainability is another key aspect of the isYoung feeder. It is equipped with a solar panel that powers the camera and supports environmental conservation efforts by utilizing renewable energy. This not only reduces the feeder’s carbon footprint but also ensures continuous operation without the need for manual battery replacements.

It also means that you are not limited in where you can mount the camera because you do not need access to an electrical outlet. The solar panel comes with its own mounting attachment that makes it easy to attach to nearly any surface.

Mounting Options

isyoung solar powered bird feeder

However, potential users should consider the feeder’s size and weight, which may limit placement options. The device’s mounting system, primarily designed for mounting against a wall or sitting on top of a bird feeder pole, may not be ideal for everyone, especially if you prefer a flat-surface setup. It does come with a velcro strap that makes it easy to fix to a tree.


Installation is straightforward, with various options for mounting on poles, trees, or walls.

Yes, the feeder features full-color night vision for clear, detailed viewing at any time.

There are no required ongoing costs; however, users may opt for additional cloud storage subscriptions.


If the isYoung feeder’s size or mounting limitations are a concern, consider the BROAIMX smart bird feeder, which is lighter and offers an integrated solar panel in the lid of the bird feeder rather than a separate mountable solar panel, while still providing smart features.


The isYoung Smart Bird Feeder Camera is an exceptional choice for technology-savvy bird lovers. It not only brings wildlife to your doorstep but does so in an environmentally conscious manner that aligns with modern sustainability practices. For anyone eager to combine their love for technology and nature, this bird feeder is worth considering.

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