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FUEL grab n go

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Did you know the average life of a fast food bag is only six seconds?

Which is about the time it takes for a fast food employee to package your burger or sandwich up, pass it to you, and for you to take your food out again and throw away the bag.

Unfortunately, we all know that the paper bag will end up in a garbage can rather than a recycling bin nine times out of ten. And let’s not forget the wrapper, box and beverage container that will also end up in the trash.

If you want to reduce your daily waste output, bringing your own lunch to work is a good place to start.

Luckily, when it comes to carrying lunch bags we’re no longer limited to hard plastic lunch boxes, tin cases or plain paper bags. There are all kinds of creative lunch boxes that make carrying a lunch to work trendy instead of thrifty.

Trudeau, a Montreal-based company specializing in cookware, has a great line of environmentally friendly food and beverage containers. FUEL products are designed to lessen the environmental impact from production through to each product’s lifecycle.

By carrying your own lunch in a reusable container, FUEL products are encouraging the idea of a waste-free lunch.

FUEL combines product innovation and durable construction to keep foods fresh and are easy to carry, clean, and re-use. The FUEL line has won the prestigious “Sustainable Development” award for its eco-design logic and materials.

All FUEL products are BPA-free. Most products are available in two vibrant colour choices: Kiwi and Raspberry.

The classic brown bag lunch gets a makeover with the FUEL classic bag. The lightweight, reusable eco-friendly Classic bag is well sized to carry both food and drinks.

The top conveniently rolls down to your desired size and closes with a Velcro strip. The eco artsy pattern is available in other lunch bag designs.

For those who prefer a bag with a handle or a larger size try the FUEL tote or the FUEL hungry lunch bag.

If you’re ready to minimize your lunch waste, you’ll want to think about using reusable sandwich containers, salad boxes, bento boxes or a sandwich wrap rather than wax paper, plastic wrap or tupperware.

FUEL has a full range of containers and bags that allow you to do just that.

All being said, sometimes we’re in too much of a rush in the mornings to pack a lunch or we’re out of groceries and we just have to buy lunch out. When this is the case, we suggest keeping a FUEL cutlery set in your purse, car or desk drawer at work so that you can at least avoid the use of disposable cutlery when eating out.

And if you’re looking to gain even more benefits from bringing your own lunch packaging, try talking to the vendors at your local cafe or sandwich shop. Some forward-thinking companies are open to giving discounts when you bring your own container.

Coffee shops already offer discounts when you bring a reusable mugs, while retailers like Walmart and most grocery stores charge a fee for plastic bags.

It’s only a matter of time before your favourite sushi spot gives customers a discount for bringing their own bento box!

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