Green Product Review: Everyone Bath Bath Salts by EO

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Before I begin, I’d like to note that I don’t take many baths. I always enjoy them when I get around to them, but I am by no means a ‘bath person’. Actually, I should change that to I wasn’t a bath person. I now know that I was simply doing it wrong.

That is to say, the Everyone Bath bath salts are incredible. Now, mind you, I didn’t use them for their intended purposes (they all have names that correspond to the activity you should have completed before rewarding yourself with the soak: surfer, sinner, yoga, cycle), but I can say they certainly did the trick for me.

As I said, there are four different soak blends that correspond to different activities. My favourite was the sinner soak, with its blend of juniper, lemon peel, frankincense, grapefruit, pepper fruit, and cedar wood oils. The blend of such rich and warming oils made me feel so luxurious, and even though I hadn’t “sinned” the night before, as I sat in the bath soaking up all those great scents, I could virtually feel myself healing. I know it sounds crazy, maybe all those oils were getting to my head, but I was so calm and relaxed, and the soak just smelled so good!

I’ve used a few cheaper bath salts in the past, and the one thing that I always remembered, and what had put me off bath salts until I found these miracles, was that no matter what, when I stepped into the tub, I could feel the grainy salt bits that had sunk to the bottom and not dissolved properly. Time and time again, I would be preparing my relaxing spa soak, and the second I got in, I was assaulted with a gritty tub floor that essentially ruined any chance of this being a good bath. This was my main concern when I found these soaks, however my fears were quickly dissolved (see what I did there), when I dipped that first foot into the steamy water. No graininess! I don’t think I can accurately describe how satisfied I was when my foot felt a smooth tub bottom.

The other big draw for these soaks is that, because they are mostly oil, they made my skin so wonderfully soft! From the second I was submerged in the water, I could feel the oils starting to penetrate my skin. They didn’t make my skin feel overly oily or greasy though, they just made it feel perfectly moisturized and smooth. Hours after my bath was finished I found that my skin felt much more hydrated even without applying moisturizer or any lotion.

A happy bonus to these salts is that they are not tested on animals, and they only use pure essential oils, both of which are reasons to purchase these soaks over others. EO Products is also a “certified B corporation”, which I had to Google, but which essentially means they are doing good works with their company.

These bath salts retail for $12.99, and each package contains enough salt for 8 baths.

I would definitely give these salts 5 out of 5 stars. I didn’t see any downside, and I absolutely loved the way they made my skin feel.



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