Bluetti AC2A vs AC70: A Detailed Comparison

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Bluetti AC2A and Bluettia AC70 side by side

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When selecting a portable power station, the key lies in aligning the product’s features with your individual energy needs and lifestyle. The Bluetti AC2A and AC70, each with their unique set of features, cater to a broad spectrum of requirements.

Comparing these two models is crucial as they represent different ends of the power station spectrum. The AC2A is designed for light to medium power needs with exceptional portability, ideal for casual outdoor use or as a backup for smaller devices.

On the other hand, the AC70 is tailored for more demanding energy requirements, offering higher power output and capacity, suitable for powering larger appliances or for extended use in remote locations.

This comparison aims to help you identify which model best fits your specific power needs, usage scenarios, and portability preferences.

Power Output and Capacity

  • AC2A: 300W rated power with a 600W surge capability, 204.8Wh battery capacity.
  • AC70: 1,000W rated power with a 2,000W surge capability, 768Wh battery capacity.

The AC2A, with a 300W rated power and 204.8Wh capacity, is suitable for basic needs like charging phones or laptops, ideal for shorter trips or emergency backup. In contrast, the AC70’s 1,000W power and 768Wh capacity can handle more demanding appliances, making it perfect for RVs, camping, or robust home backup solutions.

Battery Type and Life Cycle

  • Both models feature a LiFePO₄ battery offering over 3,000 charge cycles.

Both models feature LiFePO₄ batteries, promising longevity and consistent performance over many cycles, representing a durable investment.

Charging Options and Speed

  • AC2A: 270W Turbo Charging, 80% charge in 45 mins, 200W solar input.
  • AC70: 950W Turbo Charging, 80% charge in 45 mins, 500W fast solar intake.

The AC2A’s 270W Turbo Charging and solar capability is advantageous for quick charging and eco-friendliness. The AC70, with its 950W Turbo Charging and larger solar intake, is better suited for intensive, off-grid use.


  • AC2A: Lightweight at 7.9 lbs, compact, with an ergonomic handle.
  • AC70: Heavier at 22.5 lbs, but still portable with an integrated handle.

The AC2A is lightweight and portable, a major plus for those prioritizing ease of transport. Despite being heavier, the AC70’s portability is commendable for its capacity, balancing power and transportability.

Outlet Options

  • AC2A: 2 AC outlets, 1 USB-C, 2 USB-A, 1 DC outlet.
  • AC70: 2 AC outlets, 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A, 1 DC outlet.

The AC2A’s variety of outlets covers most basic needs, making it a versatile everyday power solution. The AC70, with more outlets, is suitable for multi-device charging in more demanding situations.

Additional Features

  • Both offer smart remote control via the BLUETTI app and seamless UPS.
  • AC2A: Quiet operation (<45dB).
  • AC70: More robust inverter with higher surge capacity.

Both models excel with features like app control and UPS. The AC2A’s quieter operation is beneficial in noise-sensitive environments, while the AC70’s stronger inverter makes it a capable choice for higher surges.

Usage Scenarios

  • AC2A: Ideal for lighter, more frequent use, and smaller devices.
  • AC70: Suited for higher power demands, suitable for larger appliances and more intensive use.

The AC2A is best for lighter energy needs or short-duration use, while the AC70 is ideal for users with more substantial power requirements, capable of powering high-demand devices for extended periods.

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In conclusion, the choice between the AC2A and AC70 depends on your specific power needs, portability requirements, and the types of devices you need to power.

The AC2A excels in lightweight portability and quick charging, making it ideal for casual outdoor activities and small-scale power needs. In contrast, the AC70 is a more powerful unit with higher capacity and diverse outlet options, suited for more demanding power requirements and extended usage.

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